Workout Attire Tips!

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What you choose to wear during a workout has a huge impact on your performance.  To make your workouts as effective as possible you need to dress in a way that is suitable for exercise.  Your number one priority is to get fit, not to be fashionable, but this is no excuse to look like something that the cat dragged in.

The most important factor in workout attire is comfort.  Exercise increases body temperature so you need to wear breathable fabric such as cotton, which will absorb sweat.  You don’t want the sweat to dry on your chest as this can cause colds and infections.  At the gym avoid wearing loose fitting clothing as it can get caught in the machines, but don’t wear clothes that ar photo workoutattire_zps4a718646.jpge too tight lest you restrict blood circulation causing you to feel faint and dizzy.  Opt for close fitting clothes and avoid uneccessary fashion accessories like arm bands, earrings, chains, and necklaces that might hinder movement.

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Shoes are very important in a workout and your footwear should be lightweight, comfortable and offer the necessary support and protection.  If you are going to do a lot of running then make sure your shoes provide sufficient ankle support.

If you have long hair and it consantly gets in your face then you should consider wearing a headband.  Hoorags make fantastic headbands and can  be used for a wide variety of purposes, for example in warm weather to protect you from the heat of the sun, or in cold weather to provent you from getting chilly.  The multipurpose, lightweight and comfortable material makes the hoorag a must get for any fitness enthusiast.

Jeans are a definate no-no because it does not offer one the flexibility of movement needed to perform many of the exercises in the gym.  For example, performing the freeweight barbell squat with a pair of jeans on would be extremely uncomfortable, since the material would restrict you from bending too low.  You should opt instead for shorts or sweatpants which will give maximum freedom of movement.

The wrong attire is one of the easiest ways to inflict injury upon yourself.  Use your discretion based upon whether you are working outdoors or indoors and if you are exercising outdoors be mindful and dress for climate.  The time and thought you put into your workout attire will pay off in helping you to have a much more enjoyable and productive workout session.

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