How Whey Protein Helps in the Muscle Building Process!

Posted on October 20th, 2011 at 3:32 am by


Whey Protein has become one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements today.   Discovered only recently, (as in the last few decades), whey protein is a by product of cheese.  It is a very fast acting protein which makes it an ideal post workout supplement.

As previously stated, whey protein is fast acting meaning it becomes accessible for use by your muscles within a short space of time.  In situations where your muscle needs nutrients quickly, whey protein is ideal.  This is the reason whey protein is such a fantastic post workout supplement.  After a strenuous workout your muscles are starving; whey protein provides an immediate source of nourishment.

Weightlifting places your body under a tremendous deal of stress.  It causes muscle tears which take time to heal.  Whey protein speeds up recovery by boosting your immune system.   This is important so that you can resume your training.

Whey protein has taken it’s place as one of the most effective muscle building supplements.  The great thing about whey protein is that you can avoid the saturated fats present in protein obtained from meat.  It also provides a wide array of health benefits.

In all, I would give this supplement an A+!

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