What to Have Before A Workout!

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What you choose to have before a workout has a direct impact on how you perform during a workout.  Eat the right foods and your workout will be effective but eat the wrong foods and your workout might end up being a disaster.  For this reason, it is critifcal that you approach pre workout nutrition with care.

Carbohydrates Are The Best To Have Before A Workout

Carbohydrates are the way to go when you want something that your body can easily digest thirty minutes before your workout.  Protein and fats can take up to three hourse to be digested by the body, so having them before a workout might cause gas and indigestion.  Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy so they are crucial when heading into a gruelling workout.

Meals Are A No-No Right Before A Workout

Meals should be had atleast three hours before the start of your workout.  An hour or two before your workout it is best to have a light snack such as a banana or whole grain bread, as you don’t want to confuse your body by getting involved in a vigorous workout while your food is being digested.  That’s a great way to achieve an upset stomach.

Avoid the Processed Carbs and High Fiber Foods

Although carbohydrates are the best macronutrients to have before a workout you need to opt for the right type of carbs.  Doughnuts, sweets and sugary snacks before a workout will gurantee that you crash and burn midway forcing you to prematurely end your workout.  Stay away from high fiber carbs as well as that could bring on an upset stomach during a workout.

Natural And Unprocessed Carbs For the Win!

Natural and unprocessed carbohydrates are best to have before a workout.  Remember that pre workout nutrition should always be something light and never a meal.  Your ability to perform at your best in training will depend to a great degree on what you choose to have before your workout.  It’s as simple as that.

For tips on what to have after a workout check out my post Tips on Post Workout Nutrition.

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