Weightlifting Gloves, Are They Really Necessary?

Posted on October 29th, 2012 at 3:34 am by


Choosing the right weightlifting gloves can help improve your performance so if you are serious about building muscle you need to invest in something of high quality.  Before glovepurchasing, it would be wise of you to first try them on, but, even without trying them on there are features you can look for to ensure that you are making the right choice.

If you are lifting heavy then a pair of weightlifting gloves are mandatory.  It’s impossible to get the best out of a deadlift if you are not wearing proper gloves because deadlifts are brutal on the naked hands and prolonged performance of this exercise without the necessary support and protection will result in calluses and blisters.  Furthermore, by not wearing gloves when performing this exercise, undue strain will be placed on the hands and wrists which will cause you to stop the reps short of what you are capable of.


The Deadlift Can Be Brutal On Your Naked Hands.

Not Wearing Gloves Can Be Dangerous!

Don’t even get me started with the danger you place yourself into when your hands start to get sweaty and your grip is compromised during a heavy deadlift.  For the sake of your safety as well as improving your performance you should always wear gloves.  The deadlift is one of the best exercises to build muscle fast so if you don’t do deadlifts it’s time to start doing them.  Nevertheless, if you are doing any exercise with dumbbells or barbells then you MUST provide your hands with the necessary protection and support.

Important Features To Look For In A Weighlifting Glove!

The number one feature you should look for in a weightlifting glove is the fabric.  Always choose gloves made out of leather or neoprene because they will allow your hands to breathe most effectively.  The last thing you want is for your hands to feel uncomfortable when wearing gloves, as this will undermine the effectiveness of your workout.  Leather and neoprene are also very durable so they will support your hands when performing a heavy lift.  You should also ensure that you wear gloves that fit.  If the gloves are too big it might not provide the necessary support or protection and if it is too tight it might impede blood circulation.  For the best protection always choose padded gloves, and wrist straps might be helpful if you usually experience wrist pains when lifting weights.

Not Just Cute Accessories!

As you should realize by now, weightlifting gloves are not cute accessories but necessary trainig gear if you are a serious weightlifter.  Weightlifting gloves will enhance performance during a workout which will guarantee that you build muscle much faster than if you didn’t wear them.  So, if you want the most out of your workouts ensure you invest in some gloves of high quality.

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