Tricks to Speed up Your Metabolism!

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 photo drinkwater_zps2ef77fbc.jpgEverybody wants to be fit and slim.  Maintaining good shape, however, can be a difficult task.  Nowadays, quite a number of people follow diets and do physical exercise to be in good shape; some are successful, others not so much.  This is mostly a girl’s thing. Almost every woman wants to lose some amount of weight but there are a few women who would’t change a thing about their bodies.  Among the many displeased at their kilograms are women who blame slow metabolism for their weight gain.

Metabolism is responsible for the rate at which calories are burnt up, the fact that you may have a slow metabolism from your mom doesn’t mean that you are doomed with it forever!  On the contrary, you can do something about it now.  Start today!

It is not a secret anymore.  There are tricks to make your body burn more calories and do it efficiently enough.  Don’t lose heart, lose fat.

Here are some tricks to speed up your metabolism:

1. Eat a lot of protein

Foods rich in protein are a good start towards a faster metabolism.  Protein makes your body work more to process them thereby burning more fat.  What’s more, they maintain muscle mass, which is even better.  Muscles are excellent calorie burners so the more muscle mass your body has the easier it will be to keep off the weight.  Protein also appeases your hunger thereby keeping you fuller for a longer period of time.  Feeling less hungry means eating less.

2. Eat more spicy foods

Today, everybody is aware that spicy foods can help burn more fat.  This is because of a chemical called capsaicin which increases your body’s temperature thereby burning calories faster.  So if you enjoy chili peppers or other spicy food, go ahead, eat plenty of it.

3. Green leafy vegetables

All dark green vegetables like broccoli and spinach can help improve your metabolism.  We’ve all heard about Popeye the sailor man who became stronger when he ate spinach.  Well, have you noticed how fit he is?  It could be because he eats lots of spinach, which is good for the metabolism.  In addition, green vegetables are also rich in iron.  The latter improves the work done by your red blood cells and your immune system as a whole.

So if you are a fan of green veggies, make sure you eat plenty of them.

4. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say.  We might also add that it also burns fat away.  There is no doubt that apples are very healthy since they are rich in vitamins and fiber.  This means that they improve digestion and speed up your metabolism.  They can also help to offset hunger pangs.

5.  Green tea

Green tea is often referred to as “dieter’s tea” and this is not a surprise. It’s active ingredient – catechins, boost your metabolism.  What’s more, green tea is rich in antioxidants which help prevent cancer and cleanse the body.

6. Drink more water

It is a well known fact that water is one of the best ways to speed up your metabolism.  The rule goes like this: eight glasses a day are the necessary amount one should drink, however, this will vary depending on the needs of the body, your weight, size and several other factors.  Just try to increase your water intake and avoid carbonated drinks that make your stomach swell.  It has been proven that increasing water intake can speed up your metabolism by 30%.  That’s something to think about.

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Brandon knows a lot about health and metabolism.  He currently works part time at while studying at a medical university.

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