Top tricks for gaining muscle without fat!

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Gaining muscle without getting fat is the dream for many persons.  Many people want to transform their bodies by building muscle without gaining fat but many are not successful.  To build muscle and lower body fat you need to incorporate proper exercise with nutrition.  By doing this your body will look toned and great.  The best way to gain muscle without fat is explained below.

If your goal is to gain muscle without fat, then there are a few important factors you must consider:

* What is your basal metabolic rate? – in other words the rate at which your body uses energy per day while at rest to keep vital functions going.

* What is your activity level in a day? i.e.., how active are you?

There is no quick and easy way to gain muscle but it is suggested that in Photobucketorder to gain muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus.  To ensure the extra calories become muscle and not fat you need to be involved in resistance training.

If you notice that you are getting fat then you need to either reduce your calorie intake or increase the intensity of your exercises.

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Every person in this world is different so each person should monitor their fat levels every 4-6 weeks and know how their diet is affecting their body fat levels.

When attempting to gain muscle you need to consider your basal metabolic rate commonly known as BMR by doing the following:

– Calculate the amount of fat in your body in kilograms and the amount of fat free weight in kilograms.

Now do the following calculations:

  • Amount of fat in (Kilograms) x 4
  • Amount of fat free weight in ( Kilograms) x 28

– Add the two results in order to get the Basal metabolic rate (BMR) for your body.

Take for example your result is 1850 calories per day and your activity level is low, so you burn just 150 calories per day.  This would mean that in total you burn 2,000 calories per day which turns out to be 14,000 calories burned per week.  This is approximate as your activity level could vary from day to day.

If you weight train for 4 days a week for 25 minutes then for each of those 4 days you burn 500 calories which equate to 2,000 calories for the week.  This means you are burning in total 16,000 calories per week.  If you consume 2,100 calories per day then that is not enough to build muscle.  You need to take 18,095 calories per week which means 2,585 calories per day.  This is a calorie surplus of approximately 2,000 per week.

Take these extra calories only if you are involved in extensive exercise particularly resistance type exercises otherwise the extra calories will be stored as fat in your body.

You should follow a proper diet to gain muscle composed of all the major macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteinsand fat in the correct rations.  A suggested ratio is 45% carbohydrates, 35% protein and 15% fat.

Protein and fat should be consumed evenly throughout the course of the day whereas carbohydrates should be taken in higher amounts in the morning and less at evening.  Monitor your body fat levels every week as gaining too much fat may lead to hemorrhoids and the hemorrhoid treatments are very costly.

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