Top 7 Olympic Weight Sets in 2018

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Planning to build some muscles or getting strong at home? If yes, you’ll be needing Olympic weight sets. Therefore, you need to do your research and look for heavy-duty equipment that will help you with your work-out plan, as well as last for a long time. When you’re searching for Olympic weight sets, the options are huge and unlimited. The prices vary from being as low as a hundred bucks to being as high as thousands of bucks. However, you need to focus more on the quality of the equipment if you really want to achieve your fitness goals. This article will discuss the best Olympic weight sets of 2018, the pros and cons and the features that they comprise of.

Here is a list of Olympic weight sets:

USA Sports 300 lbs.

This Olympic weight set comes in a 7ft black bar, and is constructed from solid cast iron. The design is durable and classic at the same time, considering the price of this Olympic weight set i.e. $439. You can easily purchase this weight set from Amazon. If you’re planning to set-up a gym at your home, this set will be a perfect equipment to have in your gym. If we look at the benefits of having this set: it is well-balanced and provides a strong grip, it is durable and has a stylish design, there is no latex smell in this equipment and you get a good quality equipment for the money that you’re investing. Some cons include: the surface is a bit oily and customers sometimes encounter shipping problems when ordering this equipment.

Overall, it is an Olympic weight set that is worth every penny you’re investing. It will last for long and provide you with a great work-out experience.

Gold’s Gym 250

This Olympic Barbell set is perfect if you want to build-up the strength of your upper body. It comes with a 7ft bar that weighs 30lbs. This set comprises of adjustable weights that are good for body toning. Also, the set is constructed with an iron-finish that is of high-quality and which makes this weight set durable for a long time.

Some of the pros of using this equipment include: a reasonable price, it is good for beginners and it is an equipment that will last long and is easy to use.

Some cons include: the paint on the bar may come off after a while, the weight of the barbell is less than the normal Olympic bar weight i.e. 45lbs, the bar is divided in 3 pieces which need to be assembled (a complex task) and lastly, it’s thick and does not consist of 2.5 plate.

Troy USA Sports

This is a 600lbs Olympic weight set that comes with rubber wrapped plates. This bar grip can easily support a weight of 600 pounds. Some pros of using this machine include: it has rubber plates that are durable, weights with a strong grip and consists of a high weight capacity. Some cons include: customer support problems and you might face the problem of smell coming from the rubber of this equipment.

You can get this weight set from Amazon easily at a price of $597.

Cap Barbell 300

This is a pound Olympic set which is considered to be perfect for individuals practicing the advanced level of weight exercises. The design is made in such a way providing a good grip to the customer. Many individuals have reviewed that the entire design is something that would be worth the money that you’re investing. The pros of using this Olympic weight set include: a high weight capacity and an overall good weight set for the price.

However, some individuals have reported issues with the design, also, in order to keep it from rusting, you need to oil it.

You can buy this easily from Amazon, at a price of $429.99.

York Barbell 300

This is a G-2 Dual Grip Set that weighs 300 pounds, and is a high quality Olympic weight set. The strong grip contributes to eliminating any chances of fatigue during the work-out. It consists of a bar that is of 7ft and has a weight of 45 pounds. However, you need to check the weight of the bar before making a purchase, as some customers have reported lack of accuracy in the weight of the bar.

Some pros of using this Olympic weight set include: safe grip, comfortable and durable and a great customer service team. Some cons include: a more light weight barbell than customary.

Marcy 100 lbs. 

This is a heavy-equipment that weighs 100lb and comes with spring clip collars. It is a vinyl weight set that comprises of a bar that is of 5ft and is two piece. Many individuals have reviewed this equipment as a good weight set against the price that is being invested. It has a good design and is good for beginners. However, some negative reviews include: it is light-weight for serious work-out sessions, there is a requirement to assemble the bar (that may be complicated) and the bar may get loose after a while of use.

You can purchase this Olympic weight set at a price of only $62.41, from Amazon.

210 Lb. Weight Set

This Olympic weight set is available in different weights, and comes with a bar that weighs 45 pounds and is 7ft long. This set is available at a reasonable price and is great for beginners. However, people usually complain about encountering rust issues and purchasing more plates for the advancement. You can purchase this at Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the above mentioned heavy-weight equipment are some of the best available Olympics weight sets used by many fitness trainers and professionals in the year 2018. If you’re planning to start your gym at your home, these Olympic weight sets can be a good choice for you. You can easily purchase them online at Amazon, at reasonable prices.

Photos by Sam Sabourin and
Arthur Edelman on Unsplash

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