The Problem With Vitamins And Supplements!

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I have been aware for some time that the demand for supplements are on the rise.  The supermarket shelves are packed with these items and this week I read that Vitamin K2 sales have gone through the roof.  What I don’t understand is why people are buying them.  It is symptomatic of our times that so many people have become disengaged with food to the extent that they would rather eat junk and then get the nutrients they need from tablets in a plastic pot.

Bad Habits

This is a really sad situation but I am not surprised by it.  Every time I visit my local supermarket the place is packed with shoppers piling their trolleys high with ready meals and junk food.  The vegetable section is generally quiet and the fish counter deserted.  Whatever happened to real food? Have people simply lost the ability to create and cook?  Have they no interest in what they are eating or have tastes changed to the extent that good food is now unpalatable to many?  I think probably all of these things are true and it is rather scary.


I thought the horse meat scandal might cause a bit of a revolution.  I stupidly believed that when people realized how little they know about what is in their food that they might revert to creating their meals from scratch.  The revolution, such as it was, didn’t last for long.  There was a short term drop in sales of some of the foods affected but everything has gone back to normal now.  If you can’t trust what goes into your food how can you trust those little bottles of vitamins? Also, how do you ensure that you take the right amount?  Ingesting too much of a vitamin could be as dangerous as consuming too little and do you really know if there is anything of value in these tablets to start with?


The best way to ensure that you receive all of the nutrients you need is to follow a balanced diet instead of popping the pills.  The fact that so many people are taking them confirms that they are aware of the deficiencies of their diets and want to do something about it.  We need a massive cultural change if we want to avoid a massive health crisis.  I fear it would be difficult to change the behaviour of adults and so I would aim my attention at the kids.


Children could be educated on good diet and a greater emphasis placed on teaching cooking.  Recent research has revealed that many youngsters could not identify a carrot and had no understanding of how fruit and vegetables grow.  We need to get to kids when they are very young starting with getting them to play with pretend food and wooden cooking toys and then teaching them to handle the real thing.  If we inspire an interest and appreciation of food there is some chance that the next generation might actually eat it.

What a strange world we live in!  People who fear a vitamin K2 deficiency would rather take a pill than eat some vegetables.  I can’t begin to imagine the health issues that are going to arise and it can only be a matter of time before there is scandal about the tablets.  I don’t want to sound pompous here but I am quite capable of eating the odd thing that I probably shouldn’t, and indulging in a naughty desert, but I can cook everything from scratch and I eat a wide variety of foods.  I have always done this not so much because of the health issues but because the food tastes better this way and works out to be more affordable.  It is costing people in more ways than one to eat poorly!

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Sally Stacey is a keen writer and business woman who divides her time between writing and running her bridal shop.

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