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Energy and Working Out

December 11, 2019


Finding the energy to workout can sometimes be a real uphill battle. We simply don’t feel the same way each and every day and therefore we should put a few things in place to keep the momentum going. Motivation only … Read More

Top 10 Physical Activities To Make You Feel Damn Good!

March 24, 2013


Taking care of your body is much more than just going for a walk once a week and eating a salad during summer.  If you really want to create the body that you’ve always wanted, you have to be … Read More

An Overview on Workouts and Intensity!

February 3, 2013


Any exercise program requires a substantial long-term commitment.  No one can get the results they want right away, whether their fitness goal is to improve their health or physical appearance. Jumping into a strenuous workout from a relatively relaxed pace … Read More

How A Spa Can Relax Muscles Post Workout!

January 16, 2013


Workouts can be extremely tough, both on  the mind and the body.  For many athletes, pushing the boundaries of what they think they can achieve is really the only way to see gains.  Regardless of  whether the workout is cardio … Read More

How Stretching Can Help You To Build More Muscle!

November 18, 2012


Stretching should form an integral part of any workout routine intending to build muscle.  If you do not stretch you are missing out on a vital aspect to muscle growth, not to mention placing yourself at risk of injury.  You … Read More

Weightlifting Gloves, Are They Really Necessary?

October 29, 2012


Choosing the right weightlifting gloves can help improve your performance so if you are serious about building muscle you need to invest in something of high quality.  Before purchasing, it would be wise of you to first try them on, … Read More

3 Day Split Dumbbell Workout to Build Muscle!

September 6, 2012


So you have access to some dumbbells and want to know how to get in shape with them.  The good news is that dumbbells are the best way to build muscle.  Dumbbells offer you such wide ranging movements that there … Read More

Weight Packs: A Great Way To Shake Up Your Fitness Routine!

August 8, 2012


Wearing a weight pack is a great way to shake up any fitness routine.  A weight pack is basically a garment that you can add weight to which is worn on the upper part of your body – in other … Read More

Muscle Pump: Is it Necessary or Overrated?

July 29, 2012


What is a Muscle Pump? A muscle pump is the temporary situation that arises when your exercised muscle becomes flooded with blood causing this muscle to swell.  Anyone who has experienced a muscle pump can attest to the amazing feeling … Read More

Why Stretching Should Be a Central Part of Your Workout!

April 11, 2012


I’m pleased to present a guest post from Dahn Yoga about the importance of stretching.  I must tell you I was very impressed by the comprehensive information this site contains on yoga and tai chi and I encourage all of … Read More