Strength Training Through Capoeira!

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For anyone who has had the pleasure of learning about the way capoeira works, it would be clear as day that upper body strength plays a great role.  Although the martial art itself has a powerful life message at the core, it is highly unlikely you will find many people who wouldn’t enjoy doing fl photo Capoeira_zps999d12d3.jpgoreios during their training on the roda.  Upper body strength is something which takes persistence and intent.  Being fit in this way will help trim your body, making your muscles pronounced.  The benefits of a strong upper body goes beyond that of just the martial art aspect as we are all aware.

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Training anywhere, at any time

Despite the equipment you can find in the gym, you can in fact exercise pretty much anywhere.  You don’t really need any special machines to do that and people have been doing it f generations.  Just buy yourself some good weights.  Every time you feel bored, just staring at your computer screen or feeling like you need to move a bit, do a set of exercises with them.  You will feel a pleasant rush of energy.  You can do this outside by doing pull-ups, push-ups and more.  If you don’t have special equipment at home you will find what you need at the closest playground.

The importance of your mindset

The most important thing about improving your strength is to work at the limits of what you can physically do.  This is the only way to move forward, as in the end it all boils down to willpower and the desire to win.  Far too often people underestimate what they can do, thus only doing part of the backbreaking work required to truly advance in any field.  Fitness and martial arts are no exception.  You must learn to push yourself beyond your limits and comfort zone to achieve success.


One of the oldest exercises for developing arm strength, you can truly do them anywhere.  Even if you are not exactly fit, you can start small.  Just a set of them a day with increasing numbers as you feel more confident will change the entire way you live your life.  One set done properly before bed, during a break, or early in the morning, can have a very nice impact on your overall fitness level.  It will build stamina, strength and confidence as you get better at it.  You can alternate between a wide stance and close stance to develop the chest muscles.  When you get really good at it you can even try clapping push-ups, just don’t overestimate yourself by doing a faceplant.

Stick to proper execution of exercises

If you are not doing it right, there is no point in doing it.  That is how things are.  Put simply, the effectiveness of a given exercise largely depends on the pressure and stress you’re placing on the target muscle groups.  With the growing number of sets and repetitions you need to perform you may feel the need to “slow down”.  A friendly advice – don’t.  This will undermine your will while at the same time wasting the point of the whole exercise routine.  Doing things right develops the muscles the right way, helping them serve their intended purpose.  This is the reason why you undertake varying types of exercises, training all the muscle groups so you will be an all-around powerhouse rather than focusing on one single group.

Vary your exercises

As the above example meant, you should do exactly that.  Your body adapts to certain stress levels and when it does, the benefit of said exercise is beginning to diminish in quality.  You should alternate exercises, do different se photo Capoeira2_zps0628881f.jpgts and numbers of repetitions to keep the body guessing.  The main thing about building strength is persistence and a steadily growing difficulty in what you do.

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Train Capoeira

The reason to do that is so you can enjoy all the great movements on the roda, where that upper body strength will become more useful.  The techniques offered by the martial art will hone your coordination, balance as well as expanding your arsenal of self-defense moves.  Add to that the beauty of the philosophy and the camaraderie the roda builds around it and you have one more reason to try that out.

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