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Are you working out, putting in the effort and not eating crap but your weight has stayed the same for sometime, or your body just doesn’t seem to change shape the way you want it to.  You’re just stuck!  Don’t worry, you just need to start doing thing’s a little differently that’s all, and you will be back on track losing the fat and building the body you deserve in no time.

It’s doesn’t matter who you are, a top athlete or just someone looking to get in shape.  If you don’t continue to get results with what you are doing, if you’ve stopped progressing… you need to shake things up a bit by changing your workout routine.

You see, for your body to change it has to expend a lot of energy, and the last thing the body wants to do is waste energy… the body is designed to survive, not waste away at the slightest movement.  For this reason the body will adapt quite quickly to any new stress put upon it with any continuity.

Now with this in mind, you can start to understand that doing the same workout for too long will only produce progressive results while the body is adapting to the new load put on it by a workout routine, around three weeks.  After this period of time the body has adapted and if you have adapted to something, then you’ve finished changing.

It happens to us all, you haven’t trained for a while and decide you take up running, and say you run 20 minute every day.  At first, the run will be a challenge.  This is because the demand on your body is new and you will be expending more energy to do this activity. However, the body will not be happy to be constantly using so much energy.  After a few weeks the 20 minute run seems to be no longer as challenging as before.  This is because the body has made all the necessary changes, it has adapted by improving muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness for better endurance.

The body does all this to get back into that state of efficiency whereby it is not constantly using a high amount of energy, and here in lies the problem.

How do you keep on getting results while continually building lean muscle and burning fat as you did when you began a new activity?

Answer – Change.

You need to make changes in what you’re doing.  Now if we stay with running for a moment; we could run for a longer time, but for most people this is not practical with our busy lives today, but in the same time frame you could put in some interval training or hill sprints. This would get the fast twitch fibres in your muscles firing which require altered energy levels.

Change also comes from a change in intensity (effort) which can include distance, duration and type of movement, load or reduced recovery time between work periods.

Within a program these changes don’t have to be dramatic, it can be as simple as increasing the load (adding weight) to an exercise.  After a while a change in activity is a really good way to make the necessary change to continually progress and get the results you want.

Also, when changing your activity you will also reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries and joint problems.

Getting back to the results, you are not maintaining anything by doing your same old workout month in and month out.  If you are not progressing or constantly trying to improve then your results will plateau, and this one of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their body shape or target weight.  They think it doesn’t work for them anymore and give up.

You must be prepared to keep challenging yourself to see the changes in your body shape or ability.

Here are the 4 keys to constantly challenging your body

  1. Vary your intensity (effort level).  If you increase your intensity then you should decrease your duration.
  2. Vary your duration (workout time).  If you decrease your intensity then you should increase your duration.
  3. Vary your movements (change up your exercises).
  4. Vary your activity (if you’re always running then try doing boot camp style training weights complex’s or boxing workouts).

Check out these two videos on how to use the two programs below to kick start your body back into fat burning and muscle building mode.

Video 1, Program A / Video 2 Program B

Program A: (Monday and Friday) perform all the exercises back to back then rest for 60 seconds. Repeat for 6-8 rounds.

Note: to keep your body in a state of adaptation reduce the rest period by 15 second each week.

Program A





Squats 20 none BW
Press up 15 none BW
Inverted row 10 none BW


Program B: (Wednesday) complete the exercises and repetitions stated and you have completed one round. The objective is to complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes

Note: to keep you body in a state of adaptation try to beat your previous number of rounds achieved in the time allowed.

Program B





Split squats 20 none BW
Pike press up 10 none BW
Pull ups 5 none BW


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