Ouch! The World’s Top 5 Hardest Contact Sports!

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 photo rugby_zpsde1ddbcc.jpgSports and injuries.

Even though sports are supposed to be fun and help us unwind, some might say sports and pain go hand-in-hand.  Other people, the more competitive sort, might even go so far as to say that you aren’t trying hard enough if you don’t get hurt once in a while.

Sure enough, it’s not nice when you’re having a kick about in the local park with your mates, and the new bloke someone brought along goes in for a tackle and clips your shins.  Similarly, stretching to reach that lob during a badminton rally can be risky business potentially leaving you in need of some serious pain relief the next morning.

The previously described scenarios are still a walk in the park compared to some sports.  In some competitions, people actually set out to cause their opponents pain and physical harm – imagine that.

The debate about which sport is the toughest is one which will go on forever; here are our top 5:

Ice Hockey

Popular in the Northern US states and in Canada, ice hockey – in theory – should be a fairly friendly, non-violent, sportsmanlike activity.  In the NHL especially, it rarely is.  The guys wear some padding, that’s true – so any hard contact during play is buffeted somewhat but it’s the sanctioned punch-ups after fouls that make this sport such a hard man’s game.  Pick any team and look at their roster – you’ll see quite a few broken noses.

Amateur Wrestling

Before you complain that it’s ‘all fake’, we don’t mean the stuff you see on Sky Sports.  Pro wrestling is a hard man’s game no doubt, but it is pre-determined and not classified by most as a ‘sport’.  Amateur wrestling on the other hand was an Olympic event until recently.  Competitors score points for taking down their opponents and twisting their bones and sockets in every way possible. Ouch!


Miles harder than American Football, this game is all about a bunch of big blokes chasing a funny-shaped ball and smashing into each other on a cold muddy pitch.  No padding required.  Just pure solid bloke.  Particularly popular in the UK and Europe, as well as “down under”, this contact sport isn’t made any safer by the studded boots players wear which, when trodden on by them, aren’t terribly kind to the skin (or flesh underneath).


Obviously, you can’t be a boxer without being fairly hard.  One of the most under-appreciated aspects of this sport is the preparation which goes into every fight.  Competitors will put themselves through countless exercises to hone their stamina and reflexes.  The amount of attention a boxer has to pay to their diet to maintain their weight category is something else entirely.


Imagine wrestling, boxing, and all of the hardest martial arts in the world combined into one sport inside a cage – this is MMA.  There are very few rules, and it wasn’t even legal in most states of the US until recently.  The aim of the game is get your opponent unconscious, or till they can’t take any more – that’s it; if that’s not hard, we don’t know what is.

About the Author

This article is written by Adam who was recently prescribed Cialis medication by his doctor after being treated for a condition he has had for many years but wasn’t confident enough until now to see a doctor.  In addition to this, he was asked to keep fit by taking part in Rugby to better his poor health.  In his free time, he loves to visit Japan with his beautiful wife.

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