Milk, possibly the fastest way to build muscle!

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Instead of wasting your money on expensive supplements it would be wise to take advantage of the tremendous muscle building benefits of milk.  Milk is practically a liquefied meal since one cup provides 9 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat, 12 grams of carbohydrates as well as sodium, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, iron, calcium and other minerals.  Drinking an adequate supply of milk everyday is the safest and fastest way to build muscle, lose fat, or both.  In other words milk is a “winner”!


Milk contains 80% slow acting casein and 20% fast acting whey protein which makes milk an ideal muscle building supplement and research indicates that a mixture of slow and fast acting proteins result in greater lean muscle gains when compared to just a fast acting protein.  Therefore, you will build more muscle drinking milk than by supplementing with whey protein or soy (two fast acting proteins).  Add to that how affordable, convenient and accessible milk is and you have no excuse not to incorporate milk into your diet so that you can start building muscle fast.


The lactose in milk will provide you with the sufficient energy needed to perform at one’s best during a workout.  The carbohydrate content in chocolate milk is much greater than in whole milk and this is one of the reasons chocolate milk has been lauded as one of the best post workout drinks you could have.  Also, the fat content in milk will curb cravings which is good news for those wanting to lose weight.  Contrary to popular belief, the fat in milk will not neccessarily make you fat unless you consume too much.  Regardless, you can opt for low fat milk which would have in much less calories per serving than whole milk.


Since milk is 90% water it is a great way to stay hydrated.  Water is a very important element in our body and more than 80% of muscle is comprised of water.  Dehydration as low as 3% can greatly decrease strength resulting in poor performance and totally compromising one’s chances of building muscle.  Lack of water in muscle cells can also affect electrolyte balance in muscle cells resulting in cramps.  Drinking adequate amounts of milk everyday is a tasty way to ensure you meet your daily water requirements and avoid such negative states.


It is well known that milk is a great source of calcium which promotes healthy bone and teeth development.  Strong bones are very important if you are to build muscle as strong bones offer support to muscle tissue.  Calcium also serves to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol therefore lowering your risk of heart disease.  Evidently, drinking milk is a healthy way to meet your daily nutrient requirements.


The tip of the iceberg has hardly been touched as it pertains to the tremendous muscle building, strength and health benefits of milk.  Do yourself a favour and take advantage of the amazing health benefits of milk by making it a core part of your diet.  Whatever your fitness goals, milk provides all the necessary nutrients to achieve it.

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