Learn About Kickboxing And Its Benefits!

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 photo ID-10098316_zps714e819e.jpgWhat is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is defined as the combination of karate and boxing.  Karate and boxing are rigorous workouts on their own but kickboxing combines the use of your arms and feet.  This combination gives you the opportunity to work out your upper and lower body.  It can get boring to do the same workout everyday but with kickboxing, you can incorporate new kicks and punches in the program to keep it fresh.  Kickboxing can increase your endurance and tone your body without the need for physical contact with someone else.  It is a good thing kickboxing is not a contact sport so you won’t have to worry about suffering any type of lingering injury that might cause you to not walk for some time.  The only injury you will suffer is pain in the body for doing it the first time.

Kickboxing and Its Benefits

Kickboxing can be combined with other forms of exercise such as yoga and dance for an amazing workout experience.  Of course, it would be important to have the appropriate music in the background so more people will want to join you.  It is indeed possible this could become a fun activity for the entire family.  You must all be in the appropriate attire though and that means boxing shorts and gloves for the boxing part.  For the karate part, you must be in complete uniform and barefoot.  It takes stamina to survive a full kickboxing workout and because of that, it is similar to a cardio workout.  A kickboxing workout would certainly be more fun than running half an hour on a treadmill.  Cardio is great because it improves your stamina thereby helping you to perform at your best in any sport.

Kickboxing Tips

You are going to get more out of your muscles when you do at least 15 minutes of stretching before the actual kickboxing workout.  It would not be wise to ignore this because it will lead to muscle soreness the next day.  After a kickboxing workout, it would be wise to do a cool down exercise so your body can relax.  The basics would see you try and punch a punching bag.  It should not be that hard for people who are just starting.  Kickboxing is a great form of exercise but it should be done consistently to reap the full benefits.

Your lower back muscles and abs would be targetted just by punching and kicking.  A full kickboxing workout would also include crunches and back bends therefore your abdominal muscles would be getting an intense workout.  Your movements are certainly going to get better when you do everything your kickboxing instructor tells you to do.  The major muscles of the body will not escape a full kickboxing workout.  It normally takes an hour and a half to complete the workout though so you must survive that long.  It may be hard at first but your body will get accustomed to the rigorous kickboxing workout.

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Ray Reynolds usually conducts turbo kickboxing classes in Henderson Nevada during weekends.  He is a certified black belter so he knows what he is talking about.

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