Incorporating Trampolines Into Your Exercise Routine!

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There are certain items of equipment that, when added to your exercise routine, makes your workout more complicated.  Trampolines most certainly aren’t this type of equipment and it’s a wonder why so few people are currently utilizing them to get or stay fit.

You would be forgiven for thinking trampolines are usually reserved for children.  Though children do still get a great deal of joy from them, these incredible workout equipment can make you sweat within a matter of minutes as they work out your whole body at the same time.

It’s no secret that we’ve shared a number of unusual workout routines on here in the past, and this is no exception.  Now get out there and find yourself a trampoline to bounce up and down on before looking into performing any of the below exercises.


It may seem obvious, but when you get on a trampoline for the first time it’s important to make sure you have the basics down pat.  This is because you can potentially harm yourself if you don’t know how to bounce safely.

In this situation, it helps if you have a brand new, high quality trampoline to bounce on.  Whether you order online from Premier Trampolines in Australia or any other provider, you’re going to want to look for a model with a large number of positive reviews, both in terms of the number of ‘stars’ it received and the comments of current owners.  Your bouncing form will be found much sooner, and in much greater safety, if you’re working with high quality equipment.

Tuck Jumps

To perform a tuck jump you have to get yourself into a deep bounce, getting some height when you’re in the air.  Next, while keeping your arms above your head, you’re going to have to:

  1. Jump while bringing your knees up to your chest and…
  2. …bring your arms down, touching your shins at the very top height of your jump before…
  3. …straightening out your legs, bringing your arms back above your head.
  4. Keep your momentum going for another jump, or slowly reduce your bounce’s strength to finish.

Straddle Jumps

Straddle jumps are performed in a similar fashion to a tuck jump in the very beginning, but they’re seen as a much harder act.  This makes them a much greater addition to your new exercise routine.  To perform a straddle jump you must, again, get yourself into a deep bounce to get some height, followed by:

  1. Placing your arms above your head and….
  2. …kicking your legs out to the sides to resemble an open pair of scissors before…
  3. …leaning your chest forward ever so slightly so you can…
  4. …reach your arms out towards your toes.

Seated Drops

Although not as impressive as the previous jumps, seated drops allow you a safe way of moving out of any jumps that go wrong, so long as you have time to implement the drop.

To perform a seated drop you must jump, lifting your hips forward which should in turn help bring your legs forward; keeping these straight out ahead of you, you can safely land on your bum with your hands by your side; preferably near the middle of your trampoline.

As you can see, adding trampolines to your workout routine is an excellent idea. Not only is it fun but it also targets the whole body. If you are also interested in getting your family and friends to join you in becoming fit, this is one of the best ways to go.

Author Bio

Audrey Smith is a freelance writer for Premier Trampoline Australia, a reputable provider of a wide range of many types of quality trampolines; a company dedicated to providing a safe trampoline for every family.

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