How To Get the Physique of a Cage Fighter!

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Whether your fitness goal is to gain chiselled abs, strengthen your core  photo kickpose_zps90d28755.jpgor simply build hefty muscles – combat sports training is one of the best options available.  Boxers, martial artists and MMA (mixed martial arts) cage fighters have some of the most enviable physiques going – so how can you emulate them?

Weight Training

Combat sports training provides a fun format for a demanding workout that really pays off.  It’ll also teach you mental discipline and many find becoming tougher provides a massive confidence boost.  However, if you’re looking to develop muscle – you’ll want to supplement this with some weight training.

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This age-old form of exercise uses the fundamental force of gravity to put strain on the muscles and can be targeted at a range of different groups.  While there’s a need for some sort of specialised equipment, this tends to be highly affordable and for the most part, portable.

Weight training is a highly effective method for losing weight, as well as helping to build raw muscle mass.  However, it tends to put greater demands on the body than less intensive forms of exercise – necessitating a longer recovery period between sessions.


Diet is one of the key aspects of getting into shape and you’ll need to carefully plan what you eat if you’re to supplement your weight training and build the desired muscle mass.  You’ll want to eat smaller portions of food at regular intervals and focus on nourishing types that will complement your training regime.

Protein is one of the most important food groups in helping to build and repair muscle – as well as acting as an added source of energy when carbohydrate levels are low.  Protein supplements are an accessible option for those short on time, but a good balance can be achieved through normal nutrition.  Some of the best food types to concentrate on in this area include eggs, lean meat, poultry, fish dairy products and beans.

Sufficient fat intake is also a necessity for those looking to build muscle – so make sure you’re taking in plenty of unsaturated fats, which are typically found in foods like olives, nuts, fish oil, seeds and avocado.

Martial arts disciplines

As well as weight training and diet, if you’re after a fighter’s physique – you’ll need to supplement these activities with martial arts training.  The discipline(s) you choose will largely be influenced by personal preference, but some of the most favoured by cage fighters include:

Boxing:  This sport is a great option for those looking to improve their all-round fitness. Its focus on endurance and powerful strikes will make you generally fitter, in addition to helping build muscle.

Muay Thai:  This Asian martial art is favoured on the MMA scene and with good reason. It is centred around using the hard points of the body – such as knees, elbows and shins – to devastating effect.  It has become highly popular among western fighters, who supplement its techniques with various disciplines.

Taekwondo:  This Korean format involves intense physical activity – namely grapples and  powerful strikes – and is a great supplement for any fitness regime.

Training with a view to building muscle is a prolonged affair and you shouldn’t expect to become buff overnight.  However, by developing the proper focus and by choosing a regime that suits your lifestyle and mindset – you’ll be well on the way to developing the arms of a cage fighter.

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