How to Build Movie Star Muscle!

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by Justin Devonshire

You may be wondering how Hollywood movie stars get the ‘superhero’ look?

Many actors have made impressive transformations.  Hugh Jackman gained lean muscle to play Wolverine.  Chris Evans bulked up a lot to become Captain America.  The list goes on to Christian Bale and Tom Hardy to play Batman and Bane respectively, to Robert Downey Jr beefing up to play Tony Stark in Iron Man.

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Chris Evans

What most people don’t realize is that to get the lean, angular ‘Hollywood’ look you need to take a different approach to typical bodybuilding routines.  In this article, first I’m going to reveal a few key concepts (that most people miss) when it comes to this type of training plan, and then we’ll get into a practical how to.

The Big Secret: Train for Illusion of Size, Not Size Itself

The BIG secret that most movie fans miss is that these actors didn’t necessarily gain 20 pounds of muscle – that’s pretty tough to do in a short time frame.

No, these actors have given the illusion of gaining 20 pounds of muscle.  They have done this by placing emphasis on rapid fat loss to increase definition, and also by only looking to build muscle in certain areas to increase the visual aspect of SOME of their bodies, not all of it.

Muscle Placement for VISUAL Effect

To make it appear as though a lot of muscle mass has been built, you only need to focus on building up certain areas.  The most prominent areas to focus on are the shoulders, upper pecs and the trapsThick, wide shoulders give a stark first impression of looking strong and muscular.  Another great thing about emphasising this entire shoulder girdle area is that you will appear bigger and stronger not only when topless, but also when wearing clothes.

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Fat Loss for Definition

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Brad Pitt

Do you remember Brad Pitt’s chiselled physique in the film Fight Club?  Most guys do, and many said they wanted this ripped, strong, dense-looking appearance themselves but when you look deeper, you’ll see that Brad didn’t build much muscle for this role – instead he got shredded of fat which gives you a more muscular appearance by nature.

Therefore, as with any rapid fat loss plan, what you eat is going to play a vital role.

We’ll touch on how to eat in just a little bit…

The Hollywood Training Plan

If you want to build some muscle and get lean quickly (in say, less than 12 weeks) I’d recommend sticking with basic compound movements.  Don’t use exercises that are too technical such as Olympic lifts.  Olympic lifts such as snatches and cleans are great exercises for building muscle, but if they are a brand new exercise to you then the only gains you’ll see from them in the first few weeks will be neural strength improvements, rather than muscular growth.

Therefore, by sticking to simple compound moves that involve lower neural effort you’ll be bypassing the neural gains and going straight for structural growth.  For this I’d recommend bent-over dumbbell rows (resting one hand onto a bench for stability), barbell bench presses, and the leg press machine.

Reps and sets would stay in the medium range, with short rest periods.

Here’s a sample workout:

1a) Barbell Bench Press – 5 x 5-8 reps

1b) Single-Arm Dumbbell Row – 5 x 8-15 reps

Rest 60 – 75 seconds between each superset

2a) Leg Press – 4 x 8 – 12

2b) Barbell Shrug – 4 x 8 – 15

Rest 30 – 60 seconds between each superset

Complete a workout such as this 3 times per week for the first couple of weeks.  On week 3 increase to 4 sessions per week, and experiment with a lower / upper split.

If you are above 20% body fat add in 2-3 sessions of HIIT per week and some slow-steady walking for 10 minutes after each session.

Nutrition: Carb Cycling

As mentioned, you want to gain some dense, strong muscle but also place a strong emphasis on fat loss and definition to give the illusion that you’ve gained an impossible amount of muscle in a short time.

To do this I’d recommend a strategy such as carb cycling.  This means simply organising your intake of carbs around periods where your body will best respond to it.

We need enough carbs to repair your muscles and fuel growth but we also want to limit the fat storage that carbs can lead to if eaten at the wrong times.

To balance this, eat more healthy carbs on the days you train intensely, and a small amount of carbs on non-training days.  The best carb sources are pumpkin, sweet potato and quinoa.

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Author Bio:

Justin Devonshire is a Men’s Fitness & Conditioning Specialist. He is the author of the 21-Day Emergency Muscle Building Blueprint – a unique workout & diet plan he used to gain 6lbs of muscle in just 21 days.

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