Glycogen critical for muscle growth!

Posted on May 1st, 2011 at 1:22 am by


For you to build muscle a sufficient amount of glycogen should be stored in your muscles.  Glycogen is stored energy acquired from consuming carbohydrates. No matter how much protein you consume your muscles will not grow if they do not have enough stored glycogen.

Some persons overemphasize the quantity of protein needed to build muscle, going so far as to advocate that protein should form the core of one’s diet.  However, no matter how much protein you intake if your glycogen stores are not adequate your muscles will not grow.  Therefore, much of your diet should consist of carbohydrates and not protein.

Satisfactory glycogen levels keep your muscles in an anabolic or growing state.  If enough glycogen is not available in your muscles especially before and after your workouts, you can begin to lose muscle.  Therefore, immediately before and after your workout would be the best time to have a high carbohydrate snack (Tips on Post Workout Nutrition).  I would suggest you opt for a slow release carb, like brown bread or oats, which give long lasting energy.

As long as you work out the calories from the carbohydrates you consume will be stored as glycogen in your muscles and not fat (Does Carbohydrates Make You Fat?).  After all is said and and done glycogen is critical for muscle growth and you get it from consuming carbohydrates.

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