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Nearly all health experts agree that engaging in physical activity helps the body to remain healthy.  According to the CDC, adults should undertake muscle-strengthening activities at least two days every week.  Some good examples of the aforementioned activities include lifting weights, heavy digging or shoveling and using resistance bands.  Concerning the latter, perhaps one of the most effective resistance bands is a chest expander because it not only gives men a nice physique but also helps women to tone their upper body muscles.  Some of body parts and muscles that you can exercise with a chest expander include:


The shoulder muscles consist of three main groups: the posterior, the middle, and the anterior. Using a chest expander, you would be able to activate and exercise all of the aforementioned muscle groups.  In addition, working the chest muscle normally tends to benefit other supporting muscle groups as well, including the latissimus dorsi in the back and the triceps.


Besides working the shoulders, a chest expander also engages the back muscles.  Make sure you squeeze the shoulder blades toward each other as you pull the expander outwards.


A simple exercise that you can carry out at home is to move one hand behind the back while holding one handle of a chest expander.  Hold the other handle with the other hand at the lower back and then try to extend the upper hand as far as you can.  Lower the handle slowly and repeat the same motion several times, preferable in sets of say, 10.


When pulling a chest expander outwards, the pectorals (chest muscles) also benefit.  To achieve the best results, hold this exercise equipment at the shoulder level and then pull it to the limit.  This motion works the upper part of the chest creating chest flexion.  To get even more out of your workout, do not release the expander immediately.  Instead, hold it for a while and then slowly release to the starting position.

Overall Body Posture

Most people spend their days hunched in front of a computer screen all day.  Over time, this results in poor body posture.  According to the WebMD website, people who spend their days typing on computer keyboards tend to have tight chests and weak back muscles.  By using a chest expander to exercise, you will be improving core body strength and posture.


You can use a chest expander to exercise at home as well as at work.  This is because it is portable and safe to use.  In addition, it is quite affordable.  It comes in handy when exercising body parts such as the shoulders, the back, triceps, and pectorals.

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