Evolution of Bodybuilding! (Infographic)!

Posted on February 25th, 2013 at 4:01 am by


This infographic basically shows the history of bodybuilding, starting with some of the most important figures in the business, and portraying the changes over time.  In this visual representation of knowledge, complex information is represented in a clear and easy to follow manner.  This is a very interesting way of not only grasping the changes within an industry, (changes that have taken place over many years), but also to understand and communicate concepts.

The infographic is very interesting because it manages to bring together the most important names in bodybuilding on one page, and explain how they changed the industry and what their individual merits are.  Above them all stands Arnold Schwarzenegger, the one who is considered the most important figure in bodybuilding.  With such amazing aesthetic designs, the viewer is immediately pulled in and he can easily understand and analyze the data being presented to him.


This infographic is brought to you by BeHealthy24

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