Circuit Workout to Shake Up Your Weight Training Routine!

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Crcuit workouts are a great way to shake up your weight training routine.  Hardgainers wanting to build muscle mass should incorporate circuit training into their workouts every few weeks.  It’s a great way to give your muscles a shock and make things more interesting.  Circuit training should not form the core of a workout plan intended to induce hypertrophy, but, should be employed as a way to shake up your workout routine every now and then.

Circuit Training Involves as Little Rest as Possible

The concept of circuit training involves as little rest as possible.  You complete a series of exercises each focussing on a separate muscle group, with little or no rest in between the exercises to complete a single circuit.  After this has been accomplished, you take a short break of 60 – 90 minutes before going at it again.  If you are doing a circuit workout for the first time then you might feel overwhelmed but this is a good thing.  The increased intensity and higher levels of energy expenditure required will force your body to increase levels of anabolic hormones to help you to build muscle more easily.  You might have to reduce the weights after the first circuit and even more after the second, third and fourth due to how physically demanding the workout will become as you get tired.  It’s really worth it though as it builds up your strength and endurance.

Great Way to Achieve a Muscle Pump

Circuit workouts are also great to achieve the much desired muscle pump, (Muscle Pump: Is It Necessary or Overrated?).  It will make you feel so alive because of all the blood that is coursing through your veins so that your muscles will appear bigger and fuller than they usually are.  It’s a great way to whip up your fitness ahead of a major competition, event or situation in which you want to look and feel your best.  For this reason circuit workouts are invaluable.

Bear In Mind Proper Form

You have to ensure that you are using correct form when performing the exercises, especially when you start to tire a bit after the first circuit.  Sloppy form can lead to injury, so always reduce the weight to a level you can manage for consequent circuits.  Below is a sample circuit workout you can incorporate into your workout routine every few weeks for variety:

IMPORTANT: Warm Up, 5 – 10 minutes of skipping, walking or jogging. (Why Warming Up Before A Workout is So Important)


Squat – 10 reps.  No rest before going on to the next exercise.


Incline Dumbbell Curl – 10 reps.  No rest before going on the next exercise.


Flat Dumbbell BenchPress- 10 reps.  No rest before going on to the next exercise.


Underhand Pulldowns – 10 reps.  No rest before going on to the next exercise.

File:Underhand-pull-downs-2.png                      File:Underhand-pull-downs-1.png

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows – 10 reps.  No rest before going on to the next exercise.


Dips – 10 reps.


Take a 60 – 90 second break after a full set then go at it again for another 3 circuits.

Remember to do a few minutes of static stretching to cool down after the workout.

Images courtesy of Everkinetic via Wikimedia Commons.

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