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Fifty (50) Years of Building Muscle

August 1, 2017


How Bodies Have Changed Over The Years For decades, people who are serious about their body’s appearance and overall health have made it a point to eat well and do exercises to keep in shape.  Men have taken fitness to … Read More

Kick Ass While Pregnant Like Serena Williams

July 19, 2017


Keeping fit has been important to me for a long time, even at college, and a few friends and I have met up regularly for a decade to workout in a local gym or in the park, go for runs, … Read More

The Best Celebrity Body Transformations of 2014

January 26, 2015


There are many reasons why people want to change their bodies.  For many celebrities, the desire to stay young and healthy is at the top at their list.  Each year there are a few celebrities who have gone above and … Read More

Deer Antler Velvet: Powerful Supplement Or Major Hoax?

March 1, 2014


Baltimore Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis, was having a tough time getting past a torn triceps muscle, so he turned to SWATS (Sports With Alternatives To Steroids) for advice.  The company sent Lewis something that would soon be at the center … Read More

Who Pulled Off the Superhero Look Best?

June 25, 2013


To get ready for superhero roles, actors go to great lengths to physically embody the characters they are required to portray.  The following infographic demonstrates four iconic superhero looks, with a comparison of two of the most notable actors for … Read More

How to Build Movie Star Muscle!

April 19, 2013


by Justin Devonshire You may be wondering how Hollywood movie stars get the ‘superhero’ look? Many actors have made impressive transformations.  Hugh Jackman gained lean muscle to play Wolverine.  Chris Evans bulked up a lot to become Captain America.  The … Read More

Lance Armstrong – A Fall From Grace!

March 7, 2013


A Fall from Grace Unsurpassed When Lance Armstrong won his seventh consecutive Tour de France title, he was hailed as the greatest of all the cycling greats.  His achievement eclipsed all who had gone before him and, set against the … Read More

Evolution of Bodybuilding! (Infographic)!

February 25, 2013


This infographic basically shows the history of bodybuilding, starting with some of the most important figures in the business, and portraying the changes over time.  In this visual representation of knowledge, complex information is represented in a clear and … Read More

Classic Arms from Robby Robinson!

January 8, 2013


Robby Robinson was a legend in his day. Along with an incredibly ripped and complete physique, the man sported an incredible set of arms.  Thick, peaked biceps combined with powerful forearms and well-rounded triceps to create some of the … Read More

How to Transform you body like Taylor Lautner!

January 16, 2010


Taylor Lautner had to put on 30 pounds of lean muscle for the filming of the New Moon Saga to play the role of Jacob Black, a werewolf.  According to Lautner going to the gym was easy but it was … Read More