Blast Your Legs for Extreme Muscle Growth!

Posted on November 19th, 2011 at 7:41 pm by


Blasting your legs in they gym is a fantastic way to build a lot of muscle.  Leg exercises such as the squat and the deadlift are essential for anyone who wants to build muscle quickly.  If you have performed either you would have realized the tremendous amount of energy it takes to complete.  It is certainly no walk in the park.


Your legs possess the largest muscles in your entire body so if you want to increase your lean muscle mass you should focus on your legs.  The more muscle that you build the easier it will be to burn fat, therefore, having muscular legs will ensure that you keep fit.  This should be a great incentive to train your legs very hard.


Leg presses, leg extensions, calf raises and dumbell stiff leg deadlifts are good but they do not compare with the extreme benefits to be derived from squats and deadlifts.  Squats and deadlifts do not just workout your legs but your entire body, therefore, progress in any of these two exercises will help you to build muscle at a much faster rate than any other weight training exercise.  Performing squats and deadlifts trigger the release of growth hormones that will help you build muscle not only in your legs, but your chest, arms and shoulders.


Your legs are the most employed muscle in your body and is the test of real strength.  If you compete in sports you will discover that having strong legs will help you to run faster and be more agile which will greatly enhance your performance.  Tennis, swimming, football, hockey, basketball and many other sports require leg power and your ability to capitalize on this will help you to trump the competition.


Some persons do not give due focus to their legs, however, incorporating a rigorous leg workout in your fitness programme is essential.  Therefore, start maximizing your muscle gains by really focussing on squats and deadlifts and you will be surprised at how much muscle you will build.

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