An Overview on Workouts and Intensity!

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Any exercise program requires a substantial long-term commitment.  No one can get the results they want right away, whether their fitness goal is to improve their health or physical appearance.

Jumping into a strenuous workout from a relatively relaxed pace is almost always ill advised.  Gradually increasing the strenuousness of your workout is a far better strategy for producing ideal results.

Adhering to a moderate exercise routine is always better than none at all, even if you maintain the same level of activity throughout.  Nevertheless, gradually increasing the intensity of your workout is a worthwhile fitness goal.

If you are engaged in aerobic exercises like walking at a pace of about three miles per hour for thirty minutes most days of the week, this is a good  photo intensity_zps0e003080.jpg start.  Every few weeks, either increase the time spent walking or the pace which will increase the intensity of the workout.

You could decide to start carrying free weights during your walk, which will force your body to use more energy while maintaining the same pace.  Anaerobic exercises like weightlifting can be straightforward in terms of increasing the intensity: gradually increase the amount of weight lifted during your session.

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In your attempt to build muscle you should focus on trying to be as healthy as possible in order to get the best results.

Getting eight to ten hours of sleep per night is of utmost importance for anyone engaged in extensive weight training.

The day before a workout, it is even more important to get enough sleep.  Some bodybuilders may use supplements to achieve better results.  Improved nutrition is also a very important factor in trying to build muscle.  Many bodybuilders will increase their protein intake in addition to supplementing with vitamins and minerals.

The body needs fuel and rest, and bodybuilders need the best possible baseline when pushing their bodies to new heights.

Bodybuilders should always rest between sets for about a minute to a minute and a half.  Skipping rest periods will not necessarily produce faster results, and could actually be detrimental in the long-term.

Muscle cramps can slow down anyone’s workout, and proper muscle care is an important component of building muscle.

Increasing the weight helps to up the difficulty of a weightlifting workout, so too can increasing the number of repetitions per set.  Some people may even benefit more from a comparatively lighter weight using more repetitions.  About a dozen repetitions per set is typically enough to build muscle.

Whether you choose to increase the weight lifted or increase the repetitions is dependent upon your fitness goal.  At the end of the day, follow whichever technique suits you best.

Always remember to train safely and try to have fun!  Do you have anything to add? Questions? Leave a comment below.

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