Amazing Fitness Tips From the Experts!

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Getting and staying in shape is a challenging task.  Fitness does not entail taking drastic action, you only need a bit of time and effort.  The following are a collection of amazing fitness tips from experts.

Be bound and determined.

The right attitude to achieve a healthy body is to be consistent.  This does not mean being fast and furious but instead adhering to a sound fitness regimen.

Set goals.

If you are a 200-pound man who wishes to lose weight in a specific time frame then you need to set realistic fitness goals.  Losing weight should be a healthy, steady process.  Do not expect to shed pounds of fats within a few days of working out.  It is also important not to push oneself to the limit.  Do not grumble if you are not able to run for miles just yet.  Start simple and increase intensity over time.

If you are a novice, begin with simple exercises.

If you have never exercised, start incorporating simple exercises like taking the stairs instead of the elevator; walking instead of driving and playing a sport instead of going to the movies.

Improve body posture.

Do not slouch.  If you slouch, your stomach will protrude.  Bring out your chests so that your abdominal muscles will pull themselves in.  Make sure your ears are aligned with the shoulders.  Proper posture will increase lung capacity.

Consider Pilates.

Pilates is a modern type of exercise which involves the use of a floor mat.  It is a slow yet high-quality physical workout.  Pilates allow the body to be developed as a whole as opposed to developing specific areas in isolation.  Pilates is a great fitness workout for developing abs.

Eat less, move more.

Fitness workouts should always be backed up with a good diet.  Stay away from foods high in fats and calories.  Opt for fiber-rich foods instead.  Also, drink lots of water to maintain well-hydrated skin.


Full, deep breaths will deliver more oxygen to cells, organs and muscles.

Proper hydration.

Essentially, hydration begins one hour prior to a workout.  It is very essential to keep your body warm and prevent dehydration.  Something that is important to note here is that it is okay to drink water during workouts as long as you don’t drink too much to get full and bloated.  Sipping Gatorade or similar drinks while exercising is a good idea.

Time weight-lifting exercises.

Performing weight-lifting exercises over an hour is not healthy to the body.  By that time, the body produces cortisol, a stress hormone.  Exercising over extended periods of time will only lead to muscle wasting.

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Sarah del Rosario is a lifestyle and health blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita.  She currently collaborates with in sharing yoga information.

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