My Journey Into Fitness!

I remember taking up weight training during a very stressful period of my life.  My job was very demanding so much so I was tired, stressed, sick and agitated all the time until one day I decided to join the gym close by.

The dramatic, positive health changes in my life were immediate.  I found that I had more energy to deal with people and I was more alert.  My sleeping patterns also improved, I used to have so much trouble sleeping at night because I was always worrying about work related problems.  Now I found that I fell asleep much faster and my sleep was much deeper so much so that I did not find it as difficult to wake up in the morning anymore.  Having more energy during the day allowed me to be almost superhuman in the tasks I accomplished ever day.

My mood also shot way up, I used to be so depressed and sad all the time; I had extreme mood swings but weightlifting helped me to develop a much more positive outlook on life which allowed me to take on challenges in a constructive way.  Trust me, it’s like you are on a continual high if you do it right.  I felt motivated since I had something to look forward to.  I became more vibrant, interactive, lively and happy in every sphere of life.  From then on, I swore that this would form a crucial aspect of my life and this is what motivates me to write about health and fitness.

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– Chris Brown.

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