8 Effective Bodybuilding Tips for More Strength and Muscle!

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Bodybuilding has many advantages – it gives you more strength and endurance.  This activity also gives you a better looking and  more attractive physique.  Additionally, doing it for a prolonged time will help you stay motivated.  This activity also helps you to lose weight.  It has also a proven that bodybuilding helps to detoxify the body.  The toxins and wastes which form in the body are cleared when you exercise so it helps to keep your body healthy from inside.  Now for those of you who want more muscle and super strength here are a few quick tips.

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1. Go Barefoot:

Lift weight barefoot.  You can also try converse chunks or wrestling shoes.  When your feet are flat on the floor, it lessens the distance that you have to pull the deadlift bar.  It will increase the leverage and help you lift heavier weights.  This will also strengthen you foot muscle.

2. Do It Harder:

Do it harder by squeezing your gluteus maximus muscles.  This will stabilize your body which will help you to lift more weights.

3. Practice the 25 Rep Method:

If the total number of repetitions you have performed for a specific exercise adds up to be 25 then you will optimize the strength and muscle gains.  Just keep the sets moderate and reps relatively low.  You can use combinations like 8×3, 6×4, and 5×5.

4. First Heavy then Light:

Start training with heavy loads for a month.  You can use sets of four, five or six reps.  Go light on the next month and do 10-12 reps.  The heavier training before helps your body to get better gains when you do lighter training.

5. Neutral Grip:

If you have the sticking point on the bench press at the bottom of the lift while the bar is on your chest then you can switch to the dumbbell bench press.  When you do it your palms should face each other.  This position will make you tuck your elbows close to your side while lowering the weight. This makes a stronger and safer lift.

6. Heavier Warm Up Set:

This bodybuilding trick works on the nervous system.  First, work up normally by lifting standard weights.  Make your last warm up heavier than the load you will work with in your first work set. Just make sure you do fewer reps in the warm up set than the main workout set.  This way the work set will feel easier to do.

7. Do Pull Ups:

You should do pull ups twice day.  You should do one set in the morning and the other set at night. Do this every other day.  After a month, check your maximum limits.  You should see up to a 10 rep increase.  This method can be applied to dips as well.

8. Train on Empty Stomach:

According to the European Journal of Applied Psychology working on an empty stomach doubles muscle growth.


It can be said that contacting a reputed and experienced personal trainer will help you to gain muscle and weight much faster.  This is because the trainer will use his or her experience and insights to prepare a diet and workout routine that suits you best.  It will take time and you have to be patient but the payoff is well worth it.

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Alex Mathew is an exceptional writer.  He has written many articles on Fitness like Personal Trainers Phuket.  His writings always contain authenticate information.

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