6 Ways to Beat Heat Stroke This Summer!

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Heat stroke or heat exhaustion is a medical emergency that may lead to instant death.  It is caused by excessive exposure to the sun.  When the body’s temperature reaches 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, this can lead to dire health consequences like organ failure, brain damage and ultimately death.  When a person is suffering from heat stroke it is important to provide immediate medical attention to avert further harm and injury.  There are instances that you may need to run under the heat of the sun and the intense heat may expose the you to potential heat exhaustion.  It is best to take precautionary measures to avert any such situation by doing the following:

1. Prepare the body

It is best to prepare the body for the heat at least two weeks before you engage in any outdoor activity during the summer.  Most outdoor running activities like marathons, decathlons and triathlons are often being held during the summer.  When you have to run in very hot weather conditions it is best to consider the distance that you need to run.  This will lessen your exposure to the heat of the sun.  Make sure that you are able to adapt to the environment should you need to run more than 25 kilometers.

2. Hydrate the body

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of heat stroke, however, dehydration is always dangerous regardless of the season.  When you are running in warm weather, hydration is always an issue.  Hydration should not only occur during the actual running or activity but you need to have it while you are practicing or just having a regular workout.  The fact is that hydrating while running is not something that comes naturally.  It is important to integrate it within your routine to make sure you get the necessary fluids to sustain your body to avert heat stroke.

3. Beat the heat with oils

While it will not give you complete protection from heat stroke, the use of some essential oils can make you feel cooler especially during sweltering hot days.  A drop of peppermint oil, five drops of lavender oil mixed with a cup of distilled water can be used as a great misting spray while you are under the rays of the sun.  Store the liquid inside the fridge and spray it to your extremities when you need a quick cool down.

4. Wear light clothes

Wearing light clothing allows your body to breathe more effectively and replace hot air with cool air.  Wearing loose fitting clothes facilitate air to cool the body and lower the temperature as needed.  Some jersey manufacturers cleverly design sporting clothes which allow the body to breathe through specially designed holes which allow air to cool the body without sacrificing style, fashion and function.

5. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is notorious in causing dehydration.  When you are going to be under the sun, it is best not to have caffeine into your system.  Cola drinks, tea and coffee are the most common sources of caffeine that can deprive the body of the needed hydration which may lead to heat stroke.  You also need to steer clear of alcohol as it can also cause dehydration.

6. Take breaks

Increase the frequency of breaks that you have to take to lessen your exposure to direct sunlight.  The idea is simple, if you are not exposed to the sun the less chance your body’s core temperature will rise.  When you are going to have a break it is best to stay in the shade or find a cool place which will not make you sweat further.

Heat stroke can kill.  While fitness is indeed great it should not come at the expense of the death of athletes due to heat exhaustion.  It takes intelligence and knowledge to beat the summer heat and enjoy the time under the sun.

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