6 Tips to Achieve Your Desired Physique

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You want to significantly change your physique, but the results are coming slowly and you’re getting impatient.  It’s important to remember that these kinds of achievements take perseverance and patience, whether you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or reach most of your fitness goals.  In working out, as well as in relationships, career, and life in general, there are lessons to be learned.

Before you start with any exercise or nutritional regime, you’ll need to tell yourself one important thing – “one day at a time”.  When it comes to improving your health and changing your body shape, it takes time and effort. We present you six tips, about working out and diet, that will help you focus your efforts on important things, and help you deal with your impatience.

1. Train to failure

If you’re not pushing yourself to your limits, you won’t reach your goals and grow optimally.  When you encounter your physical plateau, you’ll know what you’re really capable of.  For example, cardiovascular exercise will help you lose weight faster if you combine it with a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) routine. Your training will be more effective if you do exercises that engage all of your leg muscles, because legs are the biggest calorie hogs.

2. Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important part of this equation.  Without making your nutrition a priority, you’ll most likely be pushing the stone uphill like Sisyphus.  If you have been eating the same way for years, this is probably the reason why you’ve been unable to go past through your current plateau. How many of your bad diet habits are you aware of, but keep clinging to them? For example, eating mindlessly when you’re not really hungry, or while sitting in front of the TV or computer screen bored, or taking in too many liquid calories? You either need to give up on some bad habits or make a total overhaul of your daily eating habits.

3. Supplement your diet

What is a backbone of any fitness journey? It’s structured and progressive training combined with a healthy and balanced diet. However, a little extra help is always welcome.  Fitness products can really provide an extra edge in your fitness quest, and you can choose among a large range of products that can assist you in different ways. Use protein supplements to feed your muscles fast after a workout, while BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) are critical for muscle growth and good for kickstarting the process of protein synthesis.  You can incorporate these products into your diet to assist your fitness endeavors, whatever your goal is.

4. Increase fluid intake

A lot of fluid gets lost during workouts via sweat.  You need to replenish your fluids constantly in order to replace the nutrients and minerals lost.  To know the right amount of water you need on a daily basis, take your current weight, divide it in half, and the number you get is the number of ounces of water you need to consume every day to stay hydrated.

5. Rest

Muscles grow when you rest.  While working out, you cause micro-tears in your muscles that regenerate during rest, making your muscles stronger and bigger in order to be able to handle the next workout session. To speed up your recovery, make sure to get enough sleep, eat, and drink enough water. You can also use a foam roller, take Epsom salt baths, or get a massage once or twice per week. Active recovery presupposes doing light mobility exercises, an easy bike ride, or a swim to improve blood circulation to the muscles to relieve muscle soreness.

6. Persevere

On some days, you’ll feel unmotivated and fatigued.  Whatever happens, be sure to persevere.  Find ways to motivate yourself, like keeping inspirational pictures and quotes at your desk or on your fridge. Everything to keep reminding yourself about your goals.  Whenever you crave for junk food, for example, make a chocolate protein shake to fuel your body and eliminate the craving.

Remember that patience is a virtue and it applies to everything in your life. It’s especially important when it comes to changing your eating habits and your body.  There are good and bad days, and you should recognize that and find an outlet for those days when you feel like doing nothing and want to eat everything in sight.  Set your goals, make a plan, and stay on track no matter what if you want it to work.

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