6 Simple Fitness Guidelines to Toning Up After Overstuffing Yourself Over Christmas!

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Creating and sticking to a fitness routine can be difficult and many people get discouraged at the slow progress.  There are a few things you can do to get your body to the state you want without working yourself to the ground.  By following these six (6) simple fitness guidelines you can start seeing results.

1. Cardio is the key to fat loss- this is the first and most important thing to remember.  If you are lifting weights and doing other muscle oriented exercises that is fantastic; but if you are looking to shed fat quickly then cardio is your best friend.  Varying your walking speed is a great way to create muscle confusion and get your heart rate pumping.  Jogging, jumping rope and cycling are excellent activities if you are looking to increase your heart raPhotobuckette and shed those pounds.

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2. The machine makes all the difference so check out something like nordictrack.com : ellipticals is a great way to get a feel for how much it may cost to get an effective machine of your own.  The machine that you use makes all the difference when it comes to losing weight or gaining muscle.  You may use a traditional treadmill for thirty minutes a day and only lose a pound a week but if you try an elliptical you can burn three times as much calories in the same amount of time.

3. Dedication pays off- adhering to a strict diet or exercise plan does pay off in the end.  Though it may seem challenging especially when the progress is slow, sticking to a plan no matter what is the best way to be sure that you are giving your body a chance to change and adapt to what you are doing.

4. Variation is a good thing- switching up your routine every two or three weeks is a great way to make sure that you do not get bored or complacent.  As your body grows and changes it can adapt to the exercise that you are doing which will make the exercise far less effective.

5. Get a buddy- this does not mean that you have to have someone to go to the gym with you every time but having a stable support system is a great way to get in shape.  Having someone to talk to about your troubles and difficulties is a great way to get a new perspective and get over your issues.

6. Ask for help – if you are having trouble creating or sticking to a plan you can always ask a professional.  Giving advice and helping people reach their fitness goal is what health professionals are trained to do.  Taking advice does not make you any less or more dedicated but can help you reach your goals much faster than if you sought no help at all.

Final Thoughts

Following these guidelines can help you get the body that you want in a shorter time period.  If you have questions about losing weight or getting in shape it never hurts to ask and finding the answers might be easier than you think.  Losing weight and getting in shape is hard but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

About the Author:

Joyce G. is a professional health blogger and writer.  She currently partners with nordictrack.com : ellipticals in raising awareness about the importance of health and fitness. NordicTrack has come to symbolize the means for serious athletes and fitness-buffs alike to “get ready for adventure,” whatever that may be.

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