5 Habits for Explosive Workouts!

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 photo explosiveworkout_zps4749066b.jpgStimulate Your Nervous System

Stimulating the central nervous system results in a surge in adrenaline levels.  Adrenaline is a massive energy booster, sure to rev up the intensity of your workouts.  With high levels of adrenaline in your body, strength increases are inevitable.  This is because when the nervous system is stimulated, the muscles take longer to fatigue, resulting in a heavier
weight used or more reps completed.  So, how do you reach such a stimulated state? One way is to consume caffeine prior/during your workout.  This can be in any form you like, from dark chocolate, coca-cola or coffee.  If you drink coke, make sure it is flat to avoid bloating during your workout.

Listen to Motivational Music

Having headphones in during your workouts has several advantages.  One is that it will prevent people stopping and talking to you, as they know you won’t be able to hear and to do so you’d need to take out your ear pieces.  Avoiding social activity like this only strengthens your focus in the gym.  Additionally, listening to your favourite type of music can really inspire you and take your workouts to the next level.  Whichever music you choose is simply up to you, but all slow, calming music should be avoided.  This type of genre will soothe your nervous system, resulting in a lethargic session.  If you just watched Rocky last night, listening to the “Eye of the Tiger” would be ideal.  If you’re in to loud heavy metal stuff, again, this is a genre that will get you pumped.

Fuel Your Muscles (Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail)

Do you sometimes feel your workouts are intense one day, but lame the next?  Your nutrition will have a direct influence on exactly this.  An hour before your workout, be sure to have a good portion of (unrefined) carbohydrates.  Unrefined carbs will prevent insulin levels from rising excessively and will keep your blood sugar levels sustained and your energy levels consistent. Some great unrefined carb sources include: oats, wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta potatoes and wholegrain rice.

Pre Workout Imagery

Why are you working out anyway?  Is it because you want to look like your Mr Olympia idol Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Or you want to try and emulate Lance Armstrong’s superhuman-like endurance?  Well, before you train, devote 5 minutes of your time to just watching/admiring them online.  This gives you a target, something to strive for, and that is where motivational and focus begins.  Taking this tip one step further is to get a poster of your fitness idol and display it somewhere so you’ll see everyday.

Train With a Partner

When done correctly, this can be one of the best, yet simple tips, for explosive workouts.  This doesn’t mean talking for several minutes inbetween sets or texting your other halves.  This means encouraging each other during sets and increasing good competitiveness.  After all, you don’t want to be lifting less than your partner every week.  If your partner is stronger than you, make it your sole goal to overtake them.  If they are weaker, aim to increase the gap between you both.

About the Author

Erny Peibst is a bodybuilder, personal trainer, and founder of worldsfittest.net.  Through his website he shares his unique insights with his readers on how they can transform their physiques.

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