11 Interesting Workouts to Get a Sculpted Body

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Regular exercise is beneficial for anyone, regardless of age or gender. Research has proven that frequent participation in physical activity elevates mood, promotes weight loss, improves lean muscle mass, enhances bone density, and boosts energy.  A significant reduction in the risk of developing chronic diseases is also observed amongst individuals who regularly exercise.  The benefits also extend toward the mind, providing improvements in brain health and enhance overall cognitive performance.

In addition to the benefits that exercise holds for a person, there are also certain advantages that come with the sculpting and toning obtained through the right types of exercises.  When strength training and cardiovascular exercises are performed in balance, along with a healthy diet, individuals can experience improvements in their appearance, leading to improvements in self-esteem and confidence.

What Is A Sculpted Body?

When looking at results desired by men and women interested in a regular fitness plan, a sculpted body is often at the top of such a list. The term “sculpted body” is often used to describe a slim physique that consists of low total body fat, accompanied by a noticeable percentage of lean muscle mass. While lean muscle mass is usually desired when the goal is to achieve a sculpted body, the majority of individuals who do have this type of goal in mind are not looking for a “buffed” look; thus meaning only a moderate amount of lean muscle is usually required for optimal satisfaction.

What Is A Sculpting Workout?

A sculpted body refers to quite a specific set of features; thus it would only be natural to think that particular exercises are needed for a person to achieve such a physique. The exercises required to achieve a desired “sculpted” body may differ from one individual to another. A body sculpting workout would essentially include both cardiovascular and strength training protocols, that are designed to help work every muscle group in the body, which helps to increase lean muscle mass, while also ensuring the aim of reducing body fat can be achieved simultaneously. When an excessive amount of body fat is present, a product may be used in addition to a sculpting workout to reduce body fat and boost the development of lean muscle mass.

How Do I Get Lean Muscle?

Lean muscle mass is not something that can be obtained overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance for the goal of increasing lean muscle mass to be achieved, but it is most certainly possible. Frequent meals that are rich in high-quality protein is particularly important, combined with the right sculpting workouts that would promote lean muscle mass, and target excess fat at the same time. Additionally, it is vital to understand that high cortisol levels have been associated with weak muscles, and the destruction of muscle mass; thus stress should be reduced to achieve the optimal benefits of muscle building techniques. Exercise and building lean muscle mass also acts as one of the best natural testosterone boosters – and as testosterone increases, so does muscle mass and strength.

11 Body Sculpting Workouts

Many people start a workout routine and end up giving up shortly thereafter. There are numerous reasons why they give up their new routine, with the fact that they do not feel like continuously going to the gym and working out on the same equipment every day, being a particularly popular excuse. If you feel like your current workout routine is boring and not keeping you motivated, then consider moving to the outside. We would like to share some of the best exercises that you can perform to help you sculpt your body, lose fat and achieve that level of confidence you desire.

1. Jogging

Let’s start with the most obvious and popular outdoor activity that millions of people already participate in – jogging. Jogging is simple, effective and extremely beneficial for your health – and your muscles. Jogging works on multiple muscle groups, including your calf muscles, hip flexors, hamstrings, gluteals and your quadriceps. Your arms also obtain some level of exercise. Frequently, jogging will not only help you build stronger muscles and tone your body, but will also become beneficial when it comes to burning calories and reducing body fat.

2. Trail Jogging

Similar to simple jogging, trail jogging also holds a number of benefits for your body sculpting goals. Instead of going for a jog down the road, however, find a hiking trail and take a jog through the trail. The rough terrain causes more strain on your body during the jog as compared to jogging on a flat terrain, which means you build more muscle strength and mass, while also burning more calories.

3. Rowing

The rowing machine at the gym can quickly make you feel compressed in that room, but rowing in the great outdoors – doing the real thing – can be much better and more fun. Rowing works on many muscle groups at the same time, including your deltoids, glutes, soleus, hamstrings, wrist extensors, trapezius, rectus abdominus, erector spinae, quadriceps and your hip flexors. Make it a family activity or go with a couple of friends – this way, rowing won’t even feel like an exercise, yet you will still benefit from the activity.

4. Bench Climbs

Benches are found all over most neighborhoods, and can be used to your advantage when you are out for a jog. Stop at each bench you come by and do some bench climbs. Stand in front of the bench, then start to climb up the bench with your feet, and down again – continue this action for around 60 seconds before moving on to the next bench.

5. Pull-Ups

When it comes to workouts, you need to think of nature as your gym, with trees and other objects acting as the gym equipment. Stand under a tree with a strong branch. Squat down, jump up and grab the branch – use your upper body to pull yourself up until your head reaches past the branch. Gradually bring yourself down to the floor, then repeat a few times.

6. Step-Up Squats

Another excellent outdoor workout that also takes advantage of benches found all around your neighborhood, especially in local parks. Stand up on a bench. Place your right foot in the middle and your left foot on the side of the bench. Step up the bench’s back support with your left foot, to the point where your knee comes close to your chest, then move your left foot back to the side of the bench. Repeat and then switch your feet – left foot in the middle and right foot on the side.

7. Bench Push-Ups

This may be a little riskier than the other activities shared here, but an excellent way to tone your body and reach that sculpted physique you are after. Find a location where park benches are placed close to each other. Place your feet on one bench and your hands on the other bench or the ground, then perform a few push-ups. With the space underneath you, excess strain is placed on your body, giving you more benefits as compared to a standard push-up.

8. Split Lunge

The perfect way to keep your body active and continue to build your sculpted physique while the kids are playing in the park is with some split lunges. These can be done at the swings area. Stand about two feet away from a swing. Lift your left leg backward onto the swing. Now, bend both until your left leg is in a parallel position to the floor – you will likely have to move your left leg a little backward for this. After repeating this step a couple of times, switch your legs and repeat again.

9. Offset Squat

Another activity that you can do at the playground while the kids are keeping themselves busy. For this one, you need to move over to a slide. Place one foot on the slide and keep the other foot on the ground – your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart from each other. Your elbows should be bent at both sides of your body. Now, simply perform a squat – down and then up. Repeat, switch your feet, and repeat again.

10. Ball-Play

While we’re on the topic of taking your kids to the park – why not spend some quality time with them and still get in some exercise? Take a ball with you – go all out and play ball with your kids. There are many activities you can participate in when playing ball – in the park or on the beach. You may not notice it at first, but these activities can be quite strenuous on your body; thus helping you with your goal of sculpting the perfect physique.

11. Cycling

Finally, do not forget the benefits that cycling may hold for your body. Cycling works on your glutes, your hamstrings, calves, shoulders, arms, quadriceps and even your core muscles. Cycling is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise, keeping your heart healthy and your blood pumping. Additionally, with cycling, you can truly enjoy the beauty of nature as you are able to observe the beauty of your surroundings while riding your bicycle in the woods, or even simply around the block.


When looking at natural ways to increase stamina, physical exercise usually tops the list, but there are other benefits to regularly participating in fitness programs that should also be considered. Achieving a sculpted body helps to boost your self-confidence, while also providing benefits to your heart, muscles, bones and even your brain. Exercise is often a boring activity for many people, but switching to outdoor workout activities might be just what you need to motivate yourself and stick to your goals.

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