Why spend more on quality sportswear?

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 photo basketballer_zps4bea9619.jpgSportswear is usually worn during sport or physical exercise, and includes clothing as well as footwear. The reason for wearing sportswear as opposed to regular clothing is that it is more practical, comfortable and safe.  Sportswear can also boost an athletes’ performance and are quite stylish to boot.  There are many different sport specific garments such as shorts, tracksuits, and trainers; they are also often worn as a fashion statement in popular culture.

Good quality sportswear might set you back more than a cheaper, lower quality counterpart, but is a better investment in the long run.  Here are a few reasons why you should quit being a cheapskate and purchase quality and not quantity.


Better quality sportswear can endure a lot more because the material that it is made of is a lot stronger.  The construction of the garment is also a lot stronger meaning stronger seams and tear resistant knits in the fabric.

These garments do not wear out quickly, and continue to provide utility time after time.

Long lasting

High quality sportswear can endure abrasion much better than lower quality ones.  Abrasion can cause garments to pull, due to loose fibers clinging to the fabric and this can make clothing appear old and worn.

In addition, colour fastness is also a feature of better quality sportswear.  Exposure to the sun and the washing machine can make garments lose their colour and look ratty.  High quality sportswear will be able to withstand the stress of the sun and washing.


The more lightweight a sportswear garment is, the more comfort it will provide to the wearer since it will not restrict movement.  Cheap, low quality sportswear is a lot heavier than high quality sportswear.  A few milligrams can cause a marked difference in an athlete’s performance.

Rapid drying

High quality sportswear possesses rapid drying capabilities.  This means that sweat and moisture is wicked off the body very quickly so that clothing does not stick to the body.  This also means that the wearer is less likely to catch a cold from wearing wet clothing.


The feel of a fabric is the first indication of the quality.  The better the quality of the garment the softer and more pleasing to touch it will be.  This will reduce the itchy feeling caused by the friction of the body rubbing against the garment and will provide comfort to the wearer for a much longer period of time.  A low quality garment is likely to feel quite rough and feelings of discomfort will increase the longer it is worn.

Improves blood circulation

Tight fitting sportswear can constrict movement and blood flow.  High quality sportswear is designed with specific usage in mind and will contour to your body perfectly.  This allows for free circulation of your blood helping you to keep fresh and energized.


High quality sportswear is more likely to keep you safer during training and reduce the risk of injury.  This is not only due to the construction and quality material but also due to the technology that has gone into the development which makes it sync perfectly with your body’s movement in the sport of your choice.

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Julia Reid is a blogging specialist, content writer and book lover.  She currently researches about luta sportswear and boxing.

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