Why Practice with Martial Art Swords during Martial Arts Exercises?

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Martial art forms are being extensively practiced globally by men and women as well as kids.  Martial art exercises not only increase physical fitness, but also make the mind sound and alert.  Regular practicing of these exercises ensure overall well being of an individual without doubt.  Along with reaping the benefits of exercising, these exercises are also a great means of self-defense, which is highly required in today’s insecure world.  There are different kinds of martial art forms which can be learnt and practiced.  While some are solely directed towards fitness training regimen, some are mainly focused on self defense.
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Why are martial arts swords  beneficial?

It is said that in martial arts any kind of loaded movement is beneficial for health, balance and accessing the true core in various ways.  With the use of light loads like practice swords or other kinds of light levers, the body’s natural ability of moving gracefully is enhanced.  Along with the movements, the physical and mental limitations of the body are challenged.  With light swords, the breathing pattern is maintained right and thus the results from the martial art form are fulfilled.  Each and every stance and sword strike is synchronized directly with the breathing pattern.  If the breathing pattern and the sword movements are not in sync, it means that the martial art form is not being done properly.

Some other benefits of practicing with a sword or similar weapon

Learning defense techniques against weapons

There are many people who do not want to learn martial art forms with the help of weapons.  They think that there is probably no use of learning such a thing.  However, it might happen that in some odd occasion, someone might use a weapon against you and you will have nothing to do.  If you know how to use a weapon, you will better understand the way in which the weapon will move and be used on you.  Hence, you will be able to disarm the person with the weapon or evade the weapon.  Practicing with a sword or other weapon helps in learning defense techniques against weapons and is therefore quite important.

Helps in improving overall co-ordination

Martial art forms are mainly about overall co-ordination of the whole system. Training with weapons like swords etc helps in improving the co-ordination manifold times.  Both the mind and the body react to the situation at the same time thus improving overall balance and co-ordination in the system.

Understanding weapons of opportunity

Whether you are practicing martial arts with a sword, stick, lead pipe, billiard cue or a baseball bat, you know how to handle a weapon which is roughly of the same dimension and shape as these.  Along with the shape and dimension, the length of the weapon also matters.  Even if there is slight adjustment in length, weight and feel of the weapon, you will be able to handle it well provided you know the basics.

It is quite interesting to note that various kinds of online tutorials are available where martial art forms with weapons are taught. Follow the tutorials closely for best learning.  The best would be if you can join martial art classes near you under supervision of an experienced trainer.

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