Why Having a Higher Testosterone Level is Vital!

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 photo flex_zpsa4d0cde5.jpgBefore knowing the effects of having a high or low testosterone level, one must know the meaning and importance of maintaining a decent level of testosterone in your body.  It is basically a hormone that is secreted by the testicles, generally referred as the epitome of manhood.  That in no way means that women don’t secrete testosterone.  It is the basic block that plays a vital role in determining the factors of reproduction and sexuality in an individual.  This has an impact on all the activities going on in an individual’s reproductive tissues such as the testis and prostate.  It also has an effect on other areas such as hair growth, sexual function and muscle mass.

Chemically, testosterone is a steroid hormone in the androgen family and is found in numerous organisms.  It is basically secreted in the ovaries of females and testicles of males.  It is the preliminary and most important male sex hormone.

Various effects of this hormone

As stated earlier, this compound is found in the androgen family promote the synthesis of protein as well as enhance the growth of tissues.  The effects surrounding testosterone are usually classified by the occurrence of problems pertaining to the specific age group.  It can also be classified into two types:

  • Androgenic effect:  These kind of effects sum up the various problems bearing the maturation of sex organs specifically the penis.  It affects the formation of the scrotum in the fetuses and also deepens the voice at puberty.  The various effects such as the growth of the beard, auxiliary hair and pubic hair are based on the effect subordinating with the androgenic effect of the testosterone.
  • Anabolic effect:  The effect classified under this kind refers to growth in the mass of the muscle and strength, increment in the density of bone, strength of the muscle as well as maturation in the growth of muscle.

What does a normal level of testosterone imply?

There exists a normal range or a reference range in every lab that conducts a testosterone test.  Those references are based on the people who tested for the T level in the same lab.  That’s absolutely obsolete as there might be different types of people: fat, obese, super fit men etc.  So, one can’t just set a normal level for measuring the T level.  That’s the reason why doctors prefer an optimum level for measuring T level rather than normal level.  The optimal level for measuring T level showcases the levels of men in the bottom five and ten percentile as well as the men with 95% of the T level.  This chart can be used to test for any person’s T level rather than the average method for knowing the T level. 

Symptoms of low testosterone

The symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone can build up on us slowly and steadily.  For this reason, many of us don’t even realize the symptoms, but it’s essential to know them so as to be alert as low testosterone level has an adverse effect on the libido, brain and muscle of human beings.  Some of the profound symptoms are:

  • Depression
  • Fuzziness
  • Irritation
  • Loss of muscle
  • Loss in concentration
  • Tremendous increase in weight
  • Reduction of facial hair

Nowadays, testing testosterone levels has become much more effective.  An examination of a sample of blood within a few days is all that is necessary for an individual to know his/her testosterone level.

The consequence of an imbalanced testosterone level is simply dangerous.  It may worsen to result in various ailments relating to heat diseases, diabetes and even osteoporosis.  In simple words, an imbalanced level of T can be considered as the main reason for every other problem and eventually lead to death of an individual.  From the last decade, there has been a steep rise in the number of deaths due to lower levels of testosterone.  As per surveys conducted worldwide, lower levels of T are the growing cause of academic failures and unsuccessful relationships among many young persons.  It will be worth noting that because of an inappropriate level of T, there is an increased likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

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Morris York is a well know health-based writer and currently works for a Kamagra Shop as the editor-in-chief.

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