Weight Training to Build Muscle & Boost Confidence!

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Why do you lift weights?

For health reasons and to reduce your risk of heart disease?

Probably not.

To build muscle and get lean?

That’s closer… but it’s not the reason.

For most guys, if we’re honest, building an athletic physique is nothing but a strategy leading to a different goal – and not the goal itself.

The real goal of having anything in life (including a lean, ripped body) is that of a feeling.

You want to feel confident.  You want to feel strong.  You want to feel admired and attractive.  You want to feel dominant in social situations.

I’m cool with that.  In fact, I have to be, because helping young guys  photo barbell_zpsccec977d.jpgget this feeling is my job!

Today I’m going to explain how to create a simple weight training routine that will build lean muscle quickly as well as burn fat at the same time – the ‘holy grail’ of fitness, so to speak!

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Note:  I’m going to give you guidelines here, rather than a strict routine because I don’t know what equipment you have access to or what exercises you can perform.

The great news is that you can take and apply these universal principles to any exercise or equipment you want to see great results.  If you do want a step-by-step plan, check out the 21-day rapid muscle building training & nutrition plan, click here.

To spur muscle growth whilst simultaneously burning fat, you must adhere to these 2 simple principles:

1)   Use low-volume, high load strength training.

Increasing your strength with heavy weights but low-repetition sets is a great way to transform your body and avoid nervous system fatigue.  This way of lifting gives you dense, firmer, harder-looking muscles.  If you want a more angular, athletic look rather than a ‘puffy’ appearance heavy weights are the way to go.

2)   Add in some high-intensity resistance interval training (HIIRT) once or twice per week.

If you are looking to pack on muscle the truth is that you still need some conditioning work, even if you are a skinny hard-gainer.

Yes this goes against all the conventional ‘wisdom’ you’ve heard but I’m not recommending slow-steady cardio marathons here: I’m talking about what I call ‘Loaded Endurance’ or ‘cardio strength’.

This can be in the form of bodyweight circuits, complexes, gauntlet exercises and anything else that is high-intensity, short in duration and uses resistance.

By combining these two approaches you’ll see an incredible difference in your body.

When I started coaching my MMA athlete clients to use loaded endurance workouts the body fat would just melt off their body.  Not only that but they’d start looking denser, more defined and were stronger within a couple of weeks.

One of the reasons this form of high-intensity cardio works so well is that the element of resistance prevents your muscle tissue from breaking down.

Another reason is that these workouts promote heavy blood flow to all muscles in the body (which burns more fat as a bonus).  This blood carries oxygen and nutrients which help your muscles actually heal faster.

Faster recovery leads to you being able to lift heavier, harder and more often without burnout.  That = big muscles and low body fat!

Personally, I stick with heavy strength training for low reps and multiple sets alone.

Then if I feel I need to drop a few lbs. of fat to look extra ripped when I take my top off I’ll add in 1 HIIRT session per week.  If you are more than 20% body fat you could get away with 2 HIIRT sessions and if you are under 10% body fat then more than 1 session may be excessive.

In conclusion, if you want to build muscle quickly for a dense, angular and athletic physique (which is what women drool over) then stick to low-volume strength training, and add in some HIIRT for good measure.

This is the fastest way to build the strong, dense, athletic physique that is proven in studies to be the most attractive to women.

Creating this physique will boost your confidence to new heights and literally transform your life.

Author Bio:

Justin Devonshire is a Men’s Fitness & Conditioning Specialist. He is the author of the 21-Day Emergency Muscle Building Blueprint – a unique workout & diet plan he used to gain 6lbs of muscle in just 21 days.

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