Weight Training Burns Fat: So Why Do Women Make Excuses Not To Weight Train?

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Weight training is a very effective way to tone the body, reduce excess body fat and strengthen the body against illness and disease.  However, some women believe that weight training will make them look bulky.

Only Cardio Burns Fat, Right?

Wrong.  Cardiovascular exercise is effective at torching calories and training the larger muscles in the body will cause a substantial calorie burn.  Yet, weight training creates the lean muscle mass necessary to burn calories at rest.  It is important to start light and increase intensity as your body grows stronger.  Weight training adds muscle bulk to the body and helps to burn fat for up to forty-eight hours afterward.

Why Do I Need to Do Cardio if I Want to Tone Up?

Incorporating both weight training and cardio can help to build a lean attractive body.  In order to gain muscle definition, aim to push the body to the limits through weight training.  The heavier the weight, the more your muscles will gain in strength and they will eventually grow back stronger.  A six-pack is usually what we are all striving to achieve, wouldn’t you agree?

What About If I Get Too Bulky?

It is a myth that women who lift weights will grow big and bulky.  Weight t photo woman_zps945ec772.jpgraining is a very efficient way to increase the basal metabolic rate: the rate at which the body burns calories at rest.  Lean muscle is metabolically active and burns off excess fat stores to use as energy.  It is also important to watch what you eat if you plan to add muscle and lose fat at the same time.  Try to eat healthy eighty percent of the time and have just one day where you eat your favourite foods.  Many women complain about having saggy arms or having trouble with their stomachs and the underlying fat yet the best way to target that ‘muffin top’ is to weight train.

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Does Weight Training Put Strain on the Musculoskeletal System?

Unbelievably, weight training is one of the best ways to strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis.  Skipping and running are weight-bearing and they strengthen bone tissue, but weight training causes both the muscles and tendons to pull on bone tissue, therefore making the tissue stronger.

Am I too Old to Start Lifting Weights?

No!  As you grow older, your muscle mass declines and therefore weight lifting is a good way to keep your muscles in peak condition.  When muscle mass decreases the metabolic rate also slows down.  No matter how old you are, you should try regular weight training that is within your means as this will keep your metabolic rate high.  Regular exercise keeps the skin youthful because of the increase in blood circulation.

Is Bodyweight Training Enough?

Bodyweight training is tough, but your body fat percentage will reduce and reveal a lean healthy frame.  The body can soon become accustomed to exercise, which is why you should not stick to the same routine.  If you prefer to use machine weights, try challenging the body with bodyweight training instead.  Plyometric training is also an effective way to encourage muscle growth by inducing microscopic tears in muscle tissue.

Will Weight Training Cause an Injury?

Yes, weight training may cause an injury if the correct form is not maintained throughout.  This is why personal trainers and machine weights are in high demand.  Personal trainers can teach good form especially with free weight training as free weights carry with it a greater risk of injury.  Weight training machines still train the muscles but the machine supports the body’s posture.  These machines display a picture explaining which muscles are being targeted.  Weight training machines cause fewer injuries.

I Perform Regular Exercise So Why Should I Also Need to Weight Train?

Cardio type exercise works the heart and examples include cycling and running, but cardio does not build stability or strength.  Even elite athletes have to strengthen their muscles to create speed in their chosen command.

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Emily Starr is a blogger who has a keen interest in fitness and believes that both men and women will benefit from weight training if they want to burn fat.  Discount Supplements are a recommended to be consumed after weight training to restore any energy that has been exerted.

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