Water Exercises for a Slim and Toned Physique!

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Swimming is a great way to build up your muscles, lose weight, and strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.  There are specific exercises you can do to improve various parts of your body while you’re in the pool.  The water provides extra resistance, in much the same way that using weights on land does, so that you can really feel the burn.  The extra buoyancy in the water make these workouts perfect for those seeking a low impact alternative to difficult exercises that can be rough on the joints.

Read through the tips below for exercises you can do in the water the next time you go swimming.  These exercises will improve your health dramatically.

Purchase Water Weights

Water weights are those specifically designed for use in the water.  They are usually made of styrofoam or similar material so they really don’t weight anything at all when they’re dry, but when they’re in the water and they absorb all of the fluid, they will certainly provide you with a great challenge which will help to you to build muscle.

You can also purchase ankle weights which as the name suggests you attach to your ankles.  They provide more resistance for exercises that will tone your hips, thighs and buns.

To always maintain the proper form, consider purchasing a buoyancy belt, also known as a water exercise belt which is wrapped around your waist.  This will reduce the risk of injuries while working out in the pool.

Using Your Water Weights

You can use your water weights just as you would utilise weights on land.  Again, the resistance is there, but it is a low impact workout.  If you purchase water weights in the form of dumbbells, for example, use them to tone up your biceps, triceps, and shoulders in the water.  Even if you are skeptical, give it a try.  Once you are in the water and realize how difficult it is to lift these weights against the water pressure, you will know that these are great pieces of equipment for toning up in an efficient manner.

Enroll in a Water Aerobics Class

To change the scenery, or if you do not have your own pool, you may even opt to join a swimming facility and enroll in a water aerobics class.  You can bring your own equipment, though sometimes the classes will supply you with what you need.  An aerobics workout in the water is very similar to what you would do on land.  The purpose is really to get your heart pumping, respiratory rate up, and your muscles burning.  This results in a more toned, slimmer body which is strong and beautiful.

Once you have attended a few classes and have been able to memorize the moves or utilize your water weights in a whole new way, you can then bring those ideas home with you and use them in your own pool whenever you want.

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