Vitamin D Improves Muscle Efficiency!

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You know how your doctor always tells you to follow a healthy diet?  Well, if you are a pro athlete or a bodybuilder, you have to follow a special dietary regimen to get the most out of your workout.  Additionally, you might need to take vitamins, protein, as well as other supplements to enhance your performance.

There are specific vitamins that are not normally produced by the body, or if they are only in very small amounts.  Taking dietary supplements that contain these vitamins will be beneficial to you.  One of these vitamins is Vitamin D, a fat soluble vitamin that is found naturally in only a few foods and is synthesized in the body upon exposure to sunlight.

Why you need it

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Vitamin D is essential in the human body for several reasons. It gives immunity from autoimmune diseases, which have different symptoms depending on the type of disease.  It helps fight fatigue, alternations in insulin regulations, etc, which will consequentially improve performance in the gym.

This vitamin is also important for healthy bone strength, and is fortified in milk.  Vitamin D deficiency leads to a disease called ostemalacia, or soft bones. Besides the added health benefit, another reason why this is important for bodybuilders is that strong bones pull on muscles to make them stronger.

Research has shown that Vitamin D deficiency in adults leads to decreased strength, weakness, and muscle wasting.  It is important in this aspect as it plays a key role in regulating neuromuscular functioning and has an effect on the synthesis of protein.  This following article will provide you with more information on the benefits of Vitamin D for muscle efficiency.

There is also another crucial reason why maintaining healthy levels of Vitamin D is important for bodybuilders and athletes. According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (JCEM), there is a clear link between insufficient blood levels of this vitamin and the accumulation of fat in muscles, which leads to weaker muscle tissue.

Vitamin D Rich Diet

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet is always important for your health.  Vitamin D is not naturally present in many types of food, and since it is oil soluble, you would have to consume fat in order to absorb it in the right way.  Foods that are rich in Vitamin D are cod liver oil, oily fish such as trout, mushrooms, caviar, and to a smaller extent eggs, fortified cereals, dairy products, etc.  Check out the exact doses of vitamin D in specific types of foods.


There are differing views on taking vitamin supplements, but if you do careful research, you need not worry. If you’re working on building your muscles, Vitamin D supplements can be beneficial to you. They come in the form of tablets or capsules, and it is best to consult your doctor about the quantity you should take.  By supplementing with large doses of vitamin D, you run the risk of hypervitaminosis D, a rare but serious conditions which could lead to a buildup of calcium in the blood as well as kidney problems.

Working hard in the gym can sometimes seem futile, especially if we don’t get the results we want.  It might be due to several factors, but, bearing in mind the complexity of the human body and the effects that a lack of a specific vitamin and/ or mineral can have, it is no wonder we might not always reach our fitness goals as fast as we want to.  Always do research on how vitamins, proteins, and other natural supplements can help boost your workout.  It’s not about cutting corners.  To get the most out of your workout you need to put in the work.

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