Vaping and Bodybuilding – How Nicotine Affects Bodybuilders’ Physiques!

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Vaping is recognised as a healthier alternative to poisonous tobacco cigarettes and the thousands of chemicals they produce when burned, but is vaping compatible with bodybuilding and the goals bodybuilders have?; moreover, are there any particular benefits afforded to bodybuilders who vape?

As you’ll find after reading a few articles, views on this subject vary wildly with some sources advocating nicotine as an effective appetite suppressant and others pointing out that although vaping is a better choice than smoking, nicotine is an addictive drug.

Get ripped – Is Vaping the answer?

As a bodybuilding enthusiast, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the term ‘get ripped’, i.e. to shed body fat so as to boast a more defined physique.

To get ripped you need to continue to lift heavy – depending on the program you’re following perhaps engage in cardio as well – whilst following a diet  photo ID-100240264_zps94642bda.jpgthat’s low in carbohydrates and high in protein.

Your diet and workout regime are the two most important factors here, though some have advocated the use of nicotine as a supplement and/or appetite suppressant.

In the author’s opinion, which is in tune with the opinions of many health experts, it would be unwise for anyone to willingly take on a nicotine addiction with the aim of furthering their bodybuilding goals, though bodybuilders who smoke are seriously advised to switch to e-cigarettes as a cessation aid or a healthier alternative and bodybuilders who vape may notice some positive effects on their physique.

Nicotine as an appetite suppressant

Nicotine has long been recognised as an effective appetite suppressant – it’s one of several contributing factors to the reduced weight of some smokers – and the fear of gaining weight is a major contributing factor to the unwillingness on the part of many smokers to quit.

In a recent study by Yale School of Medicine using laboratory mice, it was discovered that there exists a particular type of nicotine receptor in the hypothalamus – the brain centre that controls appetite – which enables nicotine to effectively reduce food intake. According to Dr Marina Picciotto, a professor of pharmacology and neurobiology at Yale School of Medicine, “We found that nicotine reduced eating and body fat through receptors implicated in nicotine aversion and withdrawal rather than reward and reinforcement.”

There’s also evidence to suggest that nicotine has positive effects on body fat reduction in other ways, for instance:

  • Increased caloric expenditure through increases in metabolic rate and thermogenesis.
  • Reduced insulin secretion which may force the body to increase it’s use of body fat as an energy source when working out.

The fact that nicotine is an appetite suppressant undoubtedly appeals to some bodybuilders – an e cigarette purchased in Australia is naturally a better choice than poisonous tobacco cigarettes – though it must be pointed out that if you’re to get ripped without losing muscle mass you must keep your caloric intake up to required levels, because without an adequate caloric intake you’re not going to shed body fat as your body will go into panic mode and try to retain it.

Therefore, if you vape and enjoy the effects of appetite suppression as a means to get ripped, i.e. to shed body fat and boast a defined physique, you will need to monitor your caloric intake so as to not fall below required levels as this wouldn’t result in a reduction in body fat, plus if you’re to continue to lift heavy and put on muscle mass you’ll need to enjoy an adequate caloric intake.

Drawbacks to using nicotine to further bodybuilding goals

There are a few drawbacks regarding the use of nicotine as a bodybuilding supplement and it’s highly advisable for bodybuilders who vape to familiarise themselves with information on the subject.

  • It’s been proven to increase blood pressure and heart rate which may be dangerous when working out.
  • It’s been proven to interfere with apoptosis which is a biological function that destroys unwanted cells.

Vaping is a much better choice for bodybuilders than smoking and nicotine does seem to offer some benefits with regard to body fat reduction.  Additionally, there are other ways to shed body fat and get ripped and many of these methods are also worth looking into further.

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