Tim McGraw’s High Protein Diet!

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There is a currently a raging debate regarding whether or not a high protein diet is dangerous.  Recent studies suggest that a diet high in chicken, milk, cheese, meat and eggs could be as harmful to your body as smoking a cigarette.  Proponents of these claims suggest that persons under 65 who consume these foods, are four (4) times more at risk of dying from diabetes or cancer.  Nutrition and health experts warn that conclusions should not be drawn from these studies; it’s still too early.  If these studies are to be believed, then everyone is at risk for these ailments.  This untrue because high protein diets have been consumed for ages with no such effects being reported.

The importance of protein in our bodies

A diet rich in protein has been found to be effective in preventing obesity.  This is due to the high number of calories that are expended in their digestion, metabolism and utilization.  The fact that protein rich diets increase satiety means that consuming them reduces the intake of calories.  Your risk for heart disease is therefore considerably reduced.  Studies have shown that the lowered cholesterol levels also decrease the risk of diabetes considerably.  Protein is also important in the synthesis of hormones, enzymes and other crucial chemicals in the body.  It is used in making and repairing nails, hair, bones, blood, and other body tissues.  Osteoporosis and related conditions are, as a result, prevented.

Examples of Tim McGraw’s Paleo Diet that helped him lose 40 lbs

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The Paleo or Caveman’s Diet is made up of elevated amounts of protein, modest levels of fat and minimal quantities of carbohydrates.  This diet excludes the consumption of man-made foods in favour of natural foods.  Tim McGraw used this diet plan, which consisted of five meals a day.  The highly nutritious foods include grilled salmon, fresh berries, natural yogurt, sushi, almonds, cereals, fruit smoothie, avocados, muesli and walnut.  He also kept his body hydrated by drinking a lot of tea and water.  Alcohol, dairy products, fatty and processed foods, legumes and sugar were all excluded during this period.

Tim McGraw’s workout plan

His physique has been said to be better than that of a man half his age.  His workout plan involved strength training, which was performed three times a day for one or two hours, and three times in a week.  Included were balanced and strength movements, bars, rope climbing, pulleys,  tossing a 300 pound tire, and intense core training.  Tim’s favorite workout was and still is, CrossFit: a conditioning and strength technique that features an array of high intensity movements.

The Paleo Diet Works

The Paleo Diet prohibits the consumption of refined sugars that are found in commercially prepared foods.  According to researchers, intake of these food groups contribute highly to stomach cancer, heart disease, water retention and weak bones.  The diet’s high protein intake is to credit for a reduction in sugar storage, maintenance of lean muscle, and lowered blood pressure.  The encouraged consumption of vegetables and fruits is desirable since simple sugars and fibers are effective in stabilizing blood sugar levels.  Subsequently, their abundance in the body prevents the onset of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.  There are conclusive studies to suggest that consumption of at least seen (7) portions of veggies and fruits on a daily basis promotes mental health and happiness.

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