Top 10 Physical Activities To Make You Feel Damn Good!

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Taking care of your body is much more than just going for a walk once a week and eating a salad during summer.  If you really want to create the body that you’ve always wanted, you have to be committed… really committed.

Exercises make you feel really good if you do them properly.  It is said that people can work more effectively after having done at least 30 minutes of exercise.  Cardio exercises are great since they are designed to work your body in such a way that you will feel satisfaction of having worked so many muscles that you don’t even know that you had.  Here are 10 physical activities that will make you feel awesome:

#1 Swimming

This is basically one of the best ways to burn a lot of fat, stay in shape and build your body in a way that only swimmers can.  Imagine a body that has a straight back, very well defined abs and of course strong hands and legs.  Swimming is one of the best sports as it teaches you about limits and how to surpass them.

#2 Bicycling

Taking your bike for a ride can really work your body in a way that few sports can.  You should know that this doesn’t mean just going to the park and having two or three laps.  If you really want to benefit from this activity you need to take a few hours off and focus on cycling as much miles as possible.


#3 Step Aerobics

 photo stepper_zps98567600.jpgThis cardio exercise targets the legs, abdomen and feet.  It is designed to work the body on the lower levels and develop them as best as possible. The ladies are usually attracted to this type of sport as they see it suitable to their needs.  Image courtesy of photostock at


#4 Jogging

You might think that jogging is the same as running in the park, but you should know that it’s much more than that.  Being a jogger means setting up a real goal every time you decide to run.  For example, you set your mind on 6 miles for this specific day, but after a while you raise the standards in order to have better results.


#5 Hiking

This type of cardio exercise is designed for mountain lovers who want to be surrounded by nature when it comes to doing their workout.  Hiking means conquering a mountain top during a specific trip.  Those who choose this particular way of working their bodies take different mountain routes as often as possible.  There are hikers who head in such trips twice a week if the schedule allows it.

#6 Rowing

This type of workout is designed for those who want to fight the waters.  When it comes to rowing, you will work your entire body, but your hands and your arms will do most of the work.  The results are unbelievable as you get to experience a change in your body while you meet with nature.

#7 Weight Training

When it comes to this type of activity, you could benefit from having a personal trainer as it might get a little bit complicated. Lifting weights really help to strengthen your body, but you need to know your limits and that’s where a trainer can actually help you.




#8 Racquet ball

It’s one of the most popular cardio exercises in the world and you can do it with one of your friends.  This exercise works well when it comes to coordination and intuition but the body’s reactions are really needed as well.  You need a developed body in order to play at a maximum potential.

#9 Machine training

 photo treadmill_zps62751068.jpgThis goes for the ones that choose the gym in order to have their cardio workout.  Having a session on the machine can be very effective in working out various muscles of your body and the results can be seen quickly.


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#10 Stairs

The most popular/unpopular way of training your body is running up and down some stairs.  It might be the simplest thing you’ve ever heard, but you will soon realize that the stairs are your worst enemy.  Winning this fight will prove your endurance.





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