Top 10 Body Fitness Exercises!

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A traditional gym setting can be tiresome day after day.  Some of the best body exercises can be done at home without weights or machines.  For a full body workout, consider these ten essential body weight exercises.  Done together, this is a recipe for total body fitness.


The quintessential body building move for everyone is the classic pushup.  This builds upper body strength and improves shoulder definition.  Place hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart, keep elbows closer to the body and maintain a straight back while lowering and pushing up.

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Pull Ups

This body weight exercise is excellent for developing upper body strength in the back, biceps and forearms.  With hands shoulder width apart on the surface, pull the body up until the chin reaches the bar.  For a more difficult body workout, resist using the lower body to lever up.

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Triceps Dips

Using a chair or a step, sit down with hands shoulder width apart.  Straighten arms and lift the butt up off the seat.  Bend at the elbows until arms reach a ninety degree angle.  Press up, straighten arms and raise butt up to starting level.  This move tones from shoulder down the back of the arm.


Good body fitness begins at the core. Lie back, keep spine straight and against the floor.  Extend legs with straight knees at a forty-five degree angle from the floor.  Lace hands over chest and exhale while constricting abdomen.  Lift shoulders toward hips while slowly lifting extended legs toward the sky.

Bicycle Crunches

This exercise is like a regular crunch only the legs will pedal back and forth (as if on a bicycle) while elbows lift up to meet opposite knee.  Remember to exhale suddenly with each constriction.


Planks are one of the most underestimated body exercises.  This intense core workout begins in pushup position, but the challenge is to hold stationary.  For a full minute keep spine tight, arms rigid and knees locked.

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The opposite of planks that keep the body rigid and tight, bridges stretch the core to the sky.  Lie on the floor, feet hip width apart.  Push hips up, maintain a straight back and press head down.  This exercise is good for the lower back, but go slowly to avoid injury.

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Legs comprise a large muscle group and are the focus of many bodybuilding routines.  Few exercises are as simple or widely practiced as squats.  Targeting quads, the maneuver consists of lowering oneself and keeping the knee over the ankle.  Extend legs until knees and hips are stacked atop each other. Keep the back straight to avoid injury.


Stand with one foot far forward.  Using the foreleg as the primary working muscle, stay in one line and sink toward the floor.  Be safe and remember that when the hips and legs lower, the knee remains squarely placed over the foot.  Employing the front leg, rise again to standing position.

dynamic stretching

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This exhilarating exercise is enough cardio to get the heart pacing.  Start standing and then squat down, kick the legs out as if posing for a pushup, tuck the legs back in and jump up.  Aggressive body exercises like this burn fat.


While many variations exist, these ten body exercises are a staple of any effective workout routine and will produce results.

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