Time Your Protein Shake for the Best Upshot!

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‘There is a time and place for everything,’ says the good old dictum.  It means that certain actions are appropriate only for certain occasions.  The saying in it’s entirety may not be applicable to taking your daily glass of protein shake, but the rule of time is applicable to it to a large extent.  While the nutrients contained in the shake will be the same, irrespective of when you take it, the time of consumption has a lot of impact on how fast the nutrients are absorbed into the body, and how well the protein contained in it helps in body metabolism and the replenishing of energy.

Shops selling nutritional supplements are awash with several types of instant mix protein powders.  Some of these are so designed that they will be more effective if taken at a specific stage of an activity.  For example, PXS is an instant protein shake powder that contains 20g protein, 7.5g carbohydrates, and 1.25g fat per scoop.  The protein in this case is wh photo fitnessdrink_zpsb19411b6.jpgey protein, and the source of carbohydrate is karbolyn.  It is designed to aid energy replenishment and muscle recovery.  Those, who routinely take a shake with a scoop or two of PXS after a heavy workout often say that it helps in completely removing the muscle soreness that often follows heavy workout sessions.  Because of it’s special ingredients, PXS is comparatively expensive.

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During the post-workout period and to a certain extent during the workout phase as well, the muscles become better conditioned to receive nutrients that can help in the repairing and strengthening of muscles.  Because of the muscles’ receptivity during this time, the phase is referred to by some as ‘the window of opportunity’.  The post-workout time, during which muscles are extra receptive, is believed to last about two hours, though the protein absorbed during this period will be synthesized for more than 24 hours.  It is the existence of the window that makes the intake of a post-workout shake important.

Some protein shakes are designed to be taken before a workout.  Protein-rich foods consumed before a workout, especially in the liquid form, is believed to increase the blood flow in the muscles.  You can take more or less of a pre-workout shake, depending upon how comfortable you feel about doing a workout soon after a drink.  As far as taste is concerned, just like post-workout shakes, pre-workout shakes are also available in varying tastes and flavors.

All types of shakes are not, however, meant for pre-workout or post-workout intake.  Whey protein, for example, can be taken at any time of the day, combined with water or milk.  Using an extra scoop or two while preparing a whey protein shake, or even having an extra shake, will only be beneficial to the body.

One word of caution is that it is best to consult a doctor before starting a protein shake regimen.  This is more important if you are on medication for any problems like diabetes, hypertension, or overweight; are allergic to any food products; or are prone to certain types of infections.  As it is, protein will not do any harm to your body, but in combination with certain medications, it could probably cause problems.

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