Thermakor Fat Burner by Kor Nutrition – Does it Work?

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Having been laid off from my job a while back and experiencing some personal setbacks, I kind of let myself go.  I lost my motivation and going to the gym became a rarity.  I was beginning to feel self-conscious about my weight as my body began to lose the muscle I had worked so hard at the gym to develop.  I was not overweight by any means but I just felt uncomfortable carrying the extra pounds especially around my stomach due to eating too much fatty foods and not exercising.  I am thankful to both the SupplementHQ team and MuscleExpand team for encouraging me to try their number one rated fat burner and thermogenic weight loss supplement available on the market.

Thermakor (by Kor Nutrition), a potent yet all-natural fat burning weight loss supplement helped me where all other dietary supplements I tried before failed.  I feel great now, physically and emotionally; the gym has become something I now look forward to.  I have since lost 9 pounds in 3 weeks and the mirror is showing me a much leaner physique.  I have no doubt that I will get my old body back in no time.  I’m able to concentrate for longer periods of time without getting distracted and my energy levels have improved so dramatically that I can give that Duracell bunny a run for it’s money.

Why Thermakor Works For Me

When I started taking Thermakor, I had no idea that a thermogenic supplement would turn out to be the most powerful fat burner I could ever imagine.  Developed by Kor Nutrition, Thermakor is an advanced yet all-natural thermogenic fat-burning formula based on 14 carefully selected and scientifically proven natural and healthy ingredients.  The ingredients in this proprietary and unique blend by Kor Nutrition are 100% natural and they work synergistically to stimulate the process of thermogenesis (heat production) within the body.  Thermogenesis is a key component of the metabolic rate.  Thermakor dramatically accelerates  energy expenditure, in addition to enhancing fat oxidation.

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My mental focus is off the hook, my cravings for anything sweet have stopped and I feel like I have transformed into a fat burning machine.  I have been taking 2 capsules of Thermakor daily, as recommended, and will continue to take these capsules for at least another 60 days.  I strongly advise against taking more than 2 capsules a day.  The key to maximum results is consistent use for at least 3 months and although Thermakor is 100% natural and safe, you should avoid exceeding the recommended daily dosage due to the high potency.

All-Natural Ingredients

The innovative and unique formula that is Thermakor (the #1 fat burner available on the market), combines the most powerful appetite-suppressing, fat-blocking and thermogenic natural ingredients for the purpose of controlling appetite, boosting fat metabolism and increasing stored fat breakdown.  This will result in healthy and sustainable weight loss.  The all-natural ingredients also include:

DMAE, which supports a healthy brain function, increased memory, focus, as well as effective and rapid fat burning;

Troxerutin, which increases muscle strength and size.

Inositol Hexaphosphate, which increases the fat and cholesterol metabolism.

Xanthinol nicotinate, the highest concentrated form of niacin which improves brain ATP levels and brain blood flow.

Although Thermakor is a hormone-free yet highly effective and extremely safe fat burner, it mimics the activity of the natural hormones such as leptin and norepinephrine which accelerate thermogenesis by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, thanks to natural ingredients such as:

Yohimbe extract.  This promotes a healthy and normal appetite control, stimulates the central nervous system, regulates the adipose tissues, enhances fat metabolism and boosts energy leading to elevated weight loss.  This extract includes many active compounds, including yohimbine, which is a stimulating natural alkaloid that enhances the release of neurotransmitters in the central nervous system (CNS), especially norepinephrine and dopamine and it promotes significant fat loss by raising the metabolic rate of the body, accelerating calorie burn, and effectively reducing the adipose tissue.

Another ingredient is Caffeine anhydrous, a potent CNS stimulant and fat burner.

The serving size of this formula ( no more than 2 capsules) contains the equivalent caffeine of three cups of coffee.  Therefore, when you use this supplement, you should not combine it with caffeine or synephrine from additional source like as coffee, tea, soda or other dietary supplements.

Green tea extract is a powerful herbal antioxidant which also ampliflies thermogenesis and promotes the burning of fat; it also inhibits the lipase enzyme, responsible for breaking down fat in order to be absorbed, leading to fat being passed in the human body without undergoing absorption.

Final Thoughts

The fully researched ingredients that are included in this patented formula accelerate fat metabolism and promote heat production in the body naturally.  It supports a healthy body composition and helps to burn excess fat stored in various parts of the body (especially common problem areas like thigh and buttocks) and converts it into energy.  This formula is a highly potent thermogenic and the serving size is only two capsules daily.

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