The Secrets to Bulking Up!

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 photo ID-100215431_zps2576b130.jpgBuilding mass is challenging but rewarding.  You can literally change the shape and composition of your body through a well designed bodybuilding plan, and that’s an exciting proposition. However, it doesn’t take long for newcomers to the sport to get stuck.

When you first get started building mass, it’s easy to fall into the view that all you have to do is lift big, eat lots and watch those muscles grow.  That approach may work for the first few weeks (if at all), but most bodybuilders quickly hit a wall.  Plateaus like this don’t have to be frustrating.  Instead, try viewing them as a challenge to overcome.

To that end, we’re going to consider a few of the most effective tips for bodybuilding.  These are all issues that aspiring bodybuilders need to be aware of if they want to be successful at putting on and retaining mass over the long term:

1.  Too much cardio prevents you from gaining mass.

Exercises that get your heart rate up are good for your body.  Too much of this is going to detract from your bodybuilding routine.  Extended cardio sessions require your body to dig into its’ reserves, and this could be anything from the extra calories that you have been consuming (for mass building purposes) to the actual energy stored in your muscle fibres.  Twenty minutes of cardio between three and four times per week is really all you need.

2.  Burn fat to reveal muscle.

Depending on your body mass index (BMI), the fat stored on your frame may be hiding your muscle tone and definition.  This is actually a leading reason for people to engage in extended cardio sessions (as mentioned in the above point).  Get around this problem by looking into products like Xenical online.  This drug blocks the update of fat and may be effective in helping you shed the extra pounds without tapping into your newly formed muscle tissue.

3.  Focus on short workouts.

Most people begin with the assumption that ‘more is better’.  They think that building more mass really boils down to working out harder and longer.  This is not how the body actually operates. After roughly 45 minutes of working out, your body’s testosterone levels start to drop. Testosterone is the key ingredient in building muscle, and as it declines so does your ability to burn fat while building mass but that’s not all.  As you approach that hour-marker, your cortisol levels start picking up.  Cortisol actually prompts the body to store fat at the expense of muscle, so long workouts end up undoing the bodybuilding routine.  Keep those workouts short and to the point.

4.  Substantial growth results from free weight training.

Machines may help you gain strength, but they are not going to do much for mass.  The best workouts involve barbells and dumbbells, as they see your body actively moving through space. These types of exercise engage entire muscle groups in concert, allowing you to make the most of each movement.  Don’t mess around with machines.  They are really just a waste of your time and energy.

5. Bodybuilding needs to be a shock to your system

If you haven’t been lifting prior to this bodybuilding routine, then any amount of training is going to be a shock to your system.  At that point, building strength and bulk is relatively easy.  After you have been working out for a while, your body begins to adapt to the routine.  That means that you need to vary your workouts and cycle in new routines to keep the shocks to the system coming.  Consider varying your rests as well.

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