The Secret to Achieving Great Looking Shoulders!

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Well developed shoulders are paramount in achieving an impressive physique.  It is one of the most visible muscles of the human body and full development is highly sought after by most labelled shoulderwanting to build muscle.  For you to realize the full potential of your shoulder muscles you have to target them from varying angles.

Compound exercises like the benchpress, pushup, and especially the military presss are great exercises that will build lots of muscle mass on your shoulders.  However, to get your shoulder muscles really defined you should incorporate isolation exercises that target various muscles of the shoulder such as the anterior (front) deltoid, lateral (side) deltoid, posterior (back) deltoid and trapezius.  All these muscles play a huge part in making your shoulders look great.

Anterior Deltoid Targetted With Any Pressing Movements

Your anterior deltoid is the shoulder muscle that is targetted during pressing movements and as such chest exercises will also build this shoulder muscle like the benchpress and the pushup.  You should be careful not to overwork the anterior deltoid at the expense of the other muscles of the shoulder or else you might end up looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame (I’m exaggerating, I know).  Below is a demonstration of one of the most popular isolation exercise for the anterior deltoid – the front shoulder raise.

The front shoulder raise – one of the most popular isolation exercise for the anterior deltoid.

Posterior Deltoid Targetted With Any Rowing Movement.

On the other hand your posterior deltoid is targetted during any rowing movement so doing back exercises will involve this muscle.  A shoulder isolation exercise like the bent over lateral raise will also attack this muscle.  This muscle is important to enhance the shape of your shoulder and balance out the muscles of your anterior delt.

The Bentover Lateral Raise attacks your posterior deltoid.

As you can see many of the exercises you do for your chest and back will also work out your anterior and posterior delts.  As a result you have to be careful not to overwork those muscles.

Adds Width to Your Shoulder By Working Your Lateral Delts

Your lateral delts are important muscles you should develop if you want shoulder width and this can be accomplished with the lateral raise.  Ensure you work this muscle as unlike the anterior and posterior delts it hardly gets worked out when other muscle groups such as the chest and back are worked out.  Therefore, on “shoulder days” you should always get in exercises for your lateral delts.  The trapezius is another often ignored muscle which is located between the neck and the delts.  Dumbbell shrugs are great to target this muscle.

The Lateral Raise for Your Lateral Delts

Dumbbell Shrugs for your trapezius muscle.




If there is one shoulder workout that you have to do it would be the military press because as a compound exercise it targets nearly every muscle of your shoulder for the maximum mass gains.  If you do other shoulder exercises apart from this then make sure you get in exercises for your lateral deltoids and trapezius which are two underworked shoulder muscles that can make the difference between good shoulders and excellent shoulders.

Military Press – The King of Shoulder Workouts.

At the end of the day if you want to build shoulder muscle it is critical you follow a quality nutrition plan.  Remember it’s not in the gym that muscle is build but outside the gym so you need to let your muscles recover by giving them sufficient rest and feeding them the right nutrients that will spark muscle growth.  It’s as simple as that, not rocket science.  Follow this advice and you are on your way to building massive shoulder muscles.

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