The Safest Work Out Equipment for Pregnant Women!

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Regular physical activity is a prerequisite for healthy living, especially for pregnant women.  However, being in a delicate condition somewhat limits and hinders the ability of pregnant woman to engage in strenuous physical activities.  Nevertheless, keeping fit is still possible because there are easy exercise routines and work out equipment that are safe for expectant mothers to use without putting themselves and their babies’ health in jeopardy.

Why must pregnant women work out?

Pregnant women must exercise even though it is quite uncomfortable to do so because of the following benefits:

  • Enhance Stamina and Endurance.  Pregnancy can be tiring for women, especially because of the added weight they have to ca photo pregnancy2_zps4212aa90.jpgrry around.  Regular exercises can improve their stamina and make them stronger.
  • Reduce Discomfort. Pregnancy can cause  lower back pain.  Workouts and stretching routines can reduce this considerably.
  • Reduce Stress.  Pregnancy can also be emotionally difficult for women, especially those bearing their first baby.  Because they are facing great changes in their bodies and lives, pregnant women can experience excitement alternating with anxiety.  Exercise can reduce this rollercoaster of emotions because physical activity triggers the release of serotonin, also colloquially referred to as the happy hormone which governs the mood.
  • Prepare for Labor. By toning the muscles, exercise helps the pregnant woman in the difficulties of childbirth.
  • Keeping Fit.  Exercise helps in maintaining a healthy weight even as mom grows big.  Women who regularly work out during their pregnancy gain back their figure quickly after giving birth.  Image courtesy of kajrdj from stock.xchg.

What Workout Routines and Equipment Are Safe For Pregnant Women?

There are many exercise routines that a pregnant woman can do.  The easiest and the most ideal is brisk walking.  As it does not involve the abdominal muscles, this is an advisable form of exercise especially for expectant mothers who are in their latter phase of pregnancy.

It is also better for pregnant women to use treadmills in their homes rather than walk alone outside.  In this way, pregnant women are not exposed to the elements and are safe from accidents.  Because the joints loosen up during pregnancy (body’s preparation for childbirth), pregnant women need a flat surface to walk on, such as that of a treadmill.  Safe treadmills that have handlebars provide pregnant woman with additional support for their body while walking.

Exercises can help ease the discomforts of pregnancy and make the future mom stronger as her delivery date nears.  A healthy exercise routine and using safe equipment can ensure for the expectant mother an easy delivery and speedy recovery.

About the author

K. Sontoya is a health and fitness writer and a proud mother of a baby boy. She considers herself something of a connoisseur when it comes to assessing safe treadmills and gym equipment for the home.


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