The Role Of Amino Acids In Your Training!

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What are amino acids?

Amino acids are chemical structural units which form proteins.  Every living organism is made up of proteins and they plays a role in all our body’s processes.  Proteins play an extremely important role in our muscles, tendons, joints, organs, glands, hair, nails and bones.  The hormones and enzymes that catalyze and regulate all of the processes in our body are proteins as well.  The lack of proteins in our body is very dangerous and can lead to swellings.  Every protein has a specific purpose and they are not interchangeable.

 photo aminoacid1_zps5b457d9a.jpgAmino acids on the other hand contribute to the proper absorbing of these proteins. This makes the amino acids the most important component of every diet.

When taking amino acids the process of muscle building starts immediately, since the ‘construction material’ is in a ready to be used form.  In this way, amino acid chemicals have more impact than protein powder concentrates.

The most common protein preparations (used mainly by athletes) are first broken down into amino acids.  They increase the muscle metabolism, which leads to increasing the opportunities for training more intensively.

Why are amino acids so important?

1. They increase our strength and muscle mass.

2. They help regulate and burn body fats.

3. They have a restorative effect.

4. They stimulate hormone production from the glands.

Other functions of the amino acids

 photo aminoacid2_zps8d1a6ccf.jpgAmino acids contribute to the overall recovery of muscle fibers.  They are closely connected with the growth and the development of your muscles.  When your body absorbs all the necessary amino acids, it can produce more than 50,000 different proteins and over 15,000 enzymes.  Amino acids also affect our concentration, aggression,  sexual drive and plenty of other human emotions including memory and sleep.

While training, our body prefers to use the Branch  Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) for the synthesis of energy.  This automatically means that we use the amino acids in the muscles as a source of energy.  If we  take BCAAs before, during and after the training, we will reduce the loss of energy.  As a result, we will increase our physical endurance and improve immune function and the recovery.

How can we provide amino acids for our body?

 photo aminoacid3_zps8dea1f66.jpgThe best sources of amino acids are those foods which are high in protein. In terms of amino acids, each source of proteins is also very useful.  Proteins can be divided into two main groups  – complete and incomplete.

Complete proteinsthese are proteins which contain all the essential amino acids.  Usually, these are all animal derived – meat, fish, eggs and diary products.  The only exception is soy and soy products, such as tofu.

Incomplete proteinsThese are the proteins, which do not have the full number of the amino acids.  In this category foods of high protein content are legumes, cereals, nuts and seeds.


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