The Real Effects of Steroids on Your Body!

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It is almost summertime and some people may be tempted to use steroids to build muscle and to appear healthier.  Most persons who use steroids are young, impressionable athletes trying to build muscle.  Steroids are scientifically referred to as “Anabolic androgenic steroids.”  They are derivates of testosterone.  They are used to build muscle and improve performance and appearance.  They basically help to retain protein better so you build more muscle.  Steroids come in tablet or liquid form and it has many negative effects.

roided bodySome of the effects of steroids are the deepening of the voice, increased facial and body hair, increased muscle mass, and increased aggression.  Aggression has been found to be developed by nearly eighty percent of animals on steroids.  How scary is that?  Okay, well, while none of these side effects are particularly scary, aside from aggression, steroids have other side effects that are quite frightening.  For example, steroids cause acne.  Use of steroids can also cause shrunken testicles or as the doctors call it “testicular atrophy.”  In addition, if that is not scary enough, the use of steroids can cause permanent sterility because the brain sends a message for the testes to stop functioning or to slow down the production of sperm.

Aside from these effects, steroids can also be linked to high blood pressure because the steroids force the body to keep more salt and water instead of getting rid of it as it is supposed to.  Moreover, they can cause high blood pressure because of the increase of the body’s red blood cells, which may result in heart failure and kidney failure because the veins leading to the kidney may narrow.

Even scarier than kidney failure is liver malfunction.  The liver is where everything you consume gets processed.  You cannot live without your liver.  It is that important.  People who overuse steroids end up with tumors in the liver.

Besides, not all the changes are internal.  Some of the side effects are noticeable, like balding.  Those who abuse steroids get to overproduce DHT, the hair inhibitor enzyme.  The balding is irreversible.  While balding is not all that scary (I mean, it can be scary but you may be thinking, “It is not the end of the world,” and you’d be right.)  So, here is a scary thing: while the steroids increase your body’s muscle strength and mass, they do nothing for your joints and ligaments.  This results in tears and strains on your body because it cannot support all this muscle.

Let’s say you want to quit using steroids, well that is all awesome, right?  Wrong!  A lot of the times, the muscle mass that you have developed turns into fat.  Uh oh.  You went from overly buff to overweight in no time.

steroidsIn addition, remember when we talked about high blood pressure?  High blood pressure, as we learnt earlier, can be caused by the use of steroids but what I did not mention yet is that it may cause heart problems, strokes, and heart attacks.

Not all the effects are just physical ones, but some of them are neurological as well.  For instance, serotonin, the enzyme that gives us the sense of well-being, is not produced regularly after the usage of steroids and thus people are more likely to get depression or have levels of aggression.  For women, such changes in hormones may lead to lower levels of progesterone and estrogen, which may lead to anxiety and depression.

So, in short: steroids are bad for you, right? Nope.  They have been known to help in the healing process after having cancer.  It’s not all bad, but it is best to use them under the supervision of a doctor and not on your own.

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